Monday, November 12, 2012

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Lynnderella - Deep Blue Seeing

Lynnderella - Deep Blue Seeing. Beautiful blue jewel tones in slightly differing cyan shades.

Two coats layered of OPI DS Fantasy.  

This polish matches the colour and sparkle of our pool.  Our pool shell is made of fibreglass and it has flecks of silver and cyan micro glitter embedded into the surface to really make the water sparkle.  I wish our pool had large bits of glitter in it like this!

A bit of a shrinkage wrinkle in the macro, but I never noticed it in real life.  I'm not surprised though, I think I was wearing Glitter Tamer, Ulta3 non-chip and Seche Vite.

In other news.... WINNERS

I've also just confirmed that the winning enteries for the giveaway were valid, so congrations to the following winners who I have just emailed.


  1. Looks awesome!
    Too bad, Lynnderella isn't available outside the US anymore...

  2. The polish is very pretty.

    Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  3. Ooooh that glitter <3 Congrats to the winners!

  4. Congratulations to the winners. This is gorgeous, I love the depth! :)

  5. Congrats winners!! This looks fantastic :)


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