Monday, November 26, 2012

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Lynnderella - The Stars in Her Eyes

Lynnderella recently launched her Seasons Glitterings collection, but I've just got the Early Halloween Resurrected polishes (well some of them, not the reformulated ones of existing shades).

The Stars in Her Eyes was the first polish I chose to wear from the collection.  Oh I could really gush and oooooohhhhh and arrrhhhhh about this polish cause I just love the look of it so much.  I have layered just one coat of The Stars in Her Eyes over regular black creme. I DIE!

All the stars are silver holo, both the regular sized ones and the adorable itty bitty ones.  There is some holo glitter in this too, cause you can see the rainbow of colours in the bottom photos. There are also those stunning rich blue irridescent glitters, which when worn over white they look yellow, but over dark colours they glow. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't pin point exactly what they are - actually I know exactly what they are, they are PRETTY!!

This is like galaxy nails in a bottle.

Just like Katherine over at the Manicure Addict, I've been wearing a lot of Lynnderella manicures (or Lynnicures) lately. So up front apologies now to anyone that doesn't get pleasure from seeing the pretties, there will be many more Lynnderella blog posts to come.


  1. This is such a beautiful glitter! xo

  2. This looks amazing, and aside from all the drama with her personally etc, her creations are still very unique

  3. This is the only Lynn I have ever wanted. Something about those tiny stars I think haha.

  4. gah, I've been trying to resist buying this for awhile now. But I think I'll cave soon. These swatches helped solidify my love for this polish.

  5. Darnit, I finally decided not to get this one after browsing a few swatches (not that they were bad, but I was able to convince myself I didn't need this one), but you just put it on my must have list again! I don't know if it's your layering combo or your application skills, but this is just stunning! You are so bad for my wallet! ;)

  6. Love this! I didn't get this one, but I probably should!! And I never get tired of Lynnderellas!

  7. I wish I could get a Lynnderella but the bidding wars online are just insane. :(

    1. The Lynnderella ebay store is all buy it now prices for all the regular lines, only auctions for the Limited Editions.
      I also noticed on the Lynnderella blog that they now ship to Canada, and worldwide shipping will be offered soon!

  8. O.O this is even better then I thought.

  9. drool!! your swatch is outta this world! I've gotta catch up on your blog and check out all your newer lynn swatches!! I haven't been wearing that many lynns lately... guess I'll need to change that since I've got quite a bit I haven't worn yet :)


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