Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Lynnderella - Once in a Blue Rune

Here is another blue Lynnderella.  I know, I really didn't need to buy this one, especially given that it replaces Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue and Mademoiselle Violette de Bleu - which therefore means it will be quite similar to both those shades. Do I really need three similar blue Lynnderella's? Well no, but the collector in me just needed to have this polish, because a) it has a different name, b) it' blue and c) it's pretty. I know - I'm a lost cause!

Once in a Blue Rune is a violet-leaning blue with cobalt holographic glitters and a few sparkles of purple. The photos at the bottom are taken with artificial light, where I have attempted to capture some of the cobalt blue holographic sparkles.   This is one dabbled and one wiped coat of Once in a Blue Rune layered over Picture Polish Bombshell.

Hey, did I mention here yet that the Lynnderella ebay shop now ships to Canada, and "Worldwide shipping will be offered soon"  Seriously, it say's so on the Lynnderella blog.  It' pretty exciting to think that international ladies will be able to get Lynnderella's from the shop and not have to find friends to buy and mule their pretty drugs to them :)


  1. Wow I love this one. I really hope she ships internationally very soon. I need all of her polishes!!

  2. A girl can never have too many blue glittah polishes :)

  3. I love how you use matching undies with the glitters - it really gives them so much depth. Of course we all know how they take on new meaning once we play with them over other colours. :)


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