Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Gloss n Sparkle - Blue Monday, Decadence & Ice Ice Baby

Hello lacquer lovers, how are you all today?  Geee whiz I love showing you guys pictures of some of the awesome Aussie indie brands, especially now that I know you are able purchase them through suppliers that ship internationally.  Here are three more Gloss 'n Sparkle polishes, and they are all just beautiful.

Blue Monday - This is a bright blue crelly polish that contains both blue and white glitters of different sizes.  What my photos don't show is the microfine holographic aqua glitters that are also suspended in the base.  This applied beautifully and dried relatively smooth, only needing one coat of top coat.  I really love that deformed white glitter that I zoomed in on in the macro too - cool.

Decadence - a warm red toned purple jelly, or is it a blue tone red jelly - I dunno.  It full of silver micro glitter and very small blue shards. The balance of glitter in this was excellent, enough to provide great coverage and sparkle but not so much that it was thick and gloopy to apply.  This was three thin coats and a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Ice Ice Baby - Looks like my girl Anglea was a teen of the 90's.  I had a right giggle when I read her write up about this polish on her Etsy store:
"Alright stop, collaborate and listen, Gloss 'n Sparkle has a brand new addition
Something, with aqua, teal and white, a little bit of copper it looks so right"
And the worst part was that I totally rapped that to the right tune in my head!!

I layered one coat of Ice Ice Baby over Picture Polish Sky, such a perfect match up.  Ice Ice Baby has satin finish white, pale aqua and teal hexes, and when you check the macro shot you can see the copper  micro glitter.

Gloss 'n Sparkle polishes are already available from Shoppe Eclecticco in Singapore, some are already sold out, but I notice these three are still available.  Don't forget to check the currency display on their website, the default display is in Singapore dollars which makes the price seem high. You can toggle to your selected currency in the top right corner.

Angela's range of Gloss 'n Sparkle polishes will also be available from Llarowe come January 2013!  Whoo Hoo, fist pump for Aussie Indies!

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Polishes provided for review.


  1. Love that combo of Ice Ice Baby and Sky. My IIB is still sitting in my giant untrieds pile but it's definitely closer to being tried now that I've seen this!

  2. These are all beautiful colours! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you! I absolutely fell in love with the mani you showed with Ice, Ice, Baby... so much so that I went and bought BOTH polishes you used and put them on the day hey came in the mail. Your pictures are great, because it looks exactly the same in real life. It's gorgeous, and one of my favorite manicures I've done. I can't wait to show them off tomorrow. On the one hand, they're such icy, wintery (perfect for this time of year here in Colorado), and on the other hand, they make me think of robin's eggs.


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