Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Lynnderella - Night Shade

I really have been on a blue run of polishes lately, and I didn't even notice.  It was only when I was looking at my photos that realized that I chose to wear three blue Lynnderella polishes in a row.

Night Shade looks predominately navy blue, but it has an assorted mix of both various shades and sizes of blue glitters as well as black glitter.  What my photos don't show, is that all those small silver hexes are actually holographic.  My pictures look monochromatic, whereas in real life its quite colourful and very sparkly.  I also thought there were some stray red glitters in my polish, but when I checked on the polish description on the Lynnderella blog I noticed it mentions 'red eyes in a dark forest'.  In the end I think I got one red eye on both my index and pinky, and two on my ring finger.

This is one dabbled coat and one thin wiped coat of Night Shade, layered over Zoya Storm.  Topped with a couple of layers of top coat to make it smooth and glossy, all on a PVC glue base coat.

I also love the name of this polish. Night Shade.  It brings back childhood memories for me from the mid 1980's, of mum and my older brothers sitting around our Commodore 128 playing Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. I was too little to play, but I remember it vividly. You had to find Nightshade to make spells, at least that's what I remember. Check this out, it was state of the art gaming!



  1. Just beautiful!! There's so much depth to this polish!

  2. Like all Lynn polishes - eye catching :)

  3. This is one of my favorite Lynnderellas! It's so complex!


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