Friday, November 23, 2012

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Lynnderella - Glass Houses

Hello and bye bye. A real quick post today cause we heading to the baseball tonight, and a baseball home game means orange nails.  

Here is two coats of Lynnderella Glass Houses layered over Ulta3 Burnt Orange.  This one dried a little gritty, so it needed a few coats of top coat to make it nice an smooth. Lots of orange glitters, a little bit of yellow/gold glitters and some purple glitters too.  Orange and purple are so perfect with each other.

Now just need to add a picture of this to my Lynnderella colour guide then we're out the door.


  1. Fantastic pictures

    Have a great night :-)

  2. oh I love this - so much depth!

  3. That is such a gorgeous colour! I have a thing for orange polish at the moment, and that is a great one, especially with the little bits of purple :) x

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  5. Beautiful images!
    Also I think orange and purple is a perfect combination!
    Good baseball game ^ ^
    Kisses from Brazil ♥

  6. Really love how this looks - just don't like the gritt part - but I can load up on the topper like you said...agree, orange with bits of purple really is pretty. Great that this not only looks like Thanksgiving/fall time, but it works for your local baseball teams colors! Not baseball season anymore here in the states - but guess you are just getting going down under.

  7. Great color... Love the contrast!

  8. I really love this polish, beautiful!


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