Monday, January 21, 2013

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Aussie Nails - Australian Beer

G'day Mate!  This coming Saturday is Australia Day, so to start the celebrations I'm doing a week long tribute to all things Australian, and I'm putting them on my nails.  I started this tradition last year with a bunch of Australian themed nails, and this year I have some doozies for you (although I've had to think hard to come up with some new ideas)

Today I'm really taking the blog into deep bogan territory.  I bring to you, Australian Beers.  
  • On my thumb, although very hard to see is Pure Blonde - pretty much my regular tap beer. 
  • Index finger is Carlton Draught - a good alternative if they don't have Blonde on tap.  
  • Middle finger - Victoria Bitter, or VB as it is well know, I actually really don't like VB, but its brand is green and it looks pretty. 
  • Ring finger - Fosters - I included it for two reasons, 1) it's pretty and blue 2) because its well marketed overseas as an Australian beer and people will hopefully recognize it - and in all truthfulness, I've never even tried Fosters, although I hear it's not great!
  • Pinky - Toohey's Extra Dry - used to be my favourite beer a few years ago, but I don't drink it much now.
The guys at work thought these nails were pretty cool and it finally made them a little interested in my nail art.  When I mentioned to my mum I was going to do beer nails she was wasn't too sure about the idea.  She thought it might encourage the notion that Australian's are a bunch of beer drinking yobbo's.  And the truth is, that especially around Australia Day, I think a lot of Australians are!  (BTW - if you don't know what a 'yobbo' or a 'bogan' is - I'll cover that in an upcoming post).

The base I chose was Layla Gold Idol.  I wanted something holo but I wish there was an amber holo more the shade of beer, but still with the same strong flame.

I'm adding a single inlinkz to all my Aussie Nails posts this week, cause I'm hoping lots of other Aussie girls will include links to their nails, even if it's only the ones they do for Australia Day next Saturday.  So Aussie girls, please feel free to add your link and grab the code below.

Get the InLinkz code here to add to your blog.


  1. Loving the beer nails! Very Australian :)

  2. This is brilliant:D awesome idea and now I feel like I would want to try these beers haha:D

  3. These are awesome Cathy! Very well thought of! You make me wanna do something now haha

  4. How much fun are those nails!!! And .... they are actually pretty too LOL

  5. Are these stamped on or stickers or what, I just can't tell!? Looks great :)

    1. I think they are temporary tattoos that were printed out on the paper you can buy to make your own. :)

    2. Thanks MsProckle you are correct. I forgot to mention that these are print at home temporary tattoos.

  6. This is such a great idea :) If I get around to doing some Aussie nails I will add my link to inlinkz thingy :)Love the beer nails too btw!

  7. Fantastic, I could go a beer now! I like Tooheys Extra Dry best

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  9. haha, what bloke woudn't love these!!

  10. I love these so much! Did you buy the print out temporary tattoos in a shop or online?

  11. I'm not a beer drinker but drink these up!!

  12. Wow! Love these! My husband would, for once, be interested in my nail polish if I did this!


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