Friday, January 18, 2013

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Nail Prisms

The other day when I wore Shimmer Alice in the tape design, I commented to my mum that I thought it looked a bit like a Christmas tree. "Nah, it's doesn't look like a tree to me, it looks like a prism reflecting light" she said. *Bing* I light bulb goes off above my head. "Ooohhh, you just gave me idea for some nail art" I replied. Thus, this nail prism mani was born.

This is what I was going for on my nails.
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I'm so happy with how this turned out. I started with a black base, then taped off the triangle area. I used a fine striping brush and painted thin flaring lines of Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn, and a whole bunch of Kleancolor Metallic polishes - orange, yellow, green, blue & sapphire.  Then just add the white light line at the top and put the prisim rhinestone at the apex. 

The only thing I wish I had in my stash to change this design was the triangle rhinestones that I ordered a couple of weeks ago from the Born Pretty Store - they still haven't arrived yet, and I was too impatient to wait.


  1. Fancy! I love this! The shimmery rainbow polishes adds just the right touch for this whole look! The rhinestone as well! Fantastic!

  2. Well done, well done. I love it. And now I have the need to listen to Pink Floyd.

  3. These are SO cute!!! What a great idea! :)

  4. That's gorgeous!!! I love that album too! LOL! :D

  5. Very pretty and original too! Great work!

  6. I love anything to do with rainbows, and this is very neatly done. I would be interested to see this done again when you get the triangle gems, perhaps with creme colors or jelly over a white triangle.

  7. This looks awesome, especially with the black! It reminds me of Pink Floyd...well done!

  8. This came out stunningly fab! I have to study again how you did it in the text. You need to look up Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - it was a pinical LP the group did (along with The Wall) that played constantly when I was in college - yes I was in college when Pink Floyd was hitting big! Call me your oldest commenter! I pre-date OPI being on the market when it comes to polish hording/collecting! anyhow..the art work you have here is a direct inception from the cover art for the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon LP.

  9. That turned out incredible! Love this!

  10. This ist the best mani i saw for a long time!
    Really great :-D
    And the idea is just so simple... wow!


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