Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Gelicious - Lady Lauryn

Today I have another Gelicious polish to you show you.  Earlier this week I showed DJ Bliss from the Gelicious ClubLife set, today it's the second polish - Lady Lauryn.  

Lady Lauryn is a glitter topper, soak of gel polish.  It has fuchsia pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and silver hex glitters in two sizes.

The first time I wore this I layered it over my current mani, which was DJ Bliss.  Therefore I was already wearing three layers of gel polish (two of DJ Bliss and one Ultra Glaze top coat).  I wanted to get the same effect that I usually get from a regular glitter polish, so I decided to dabble this on to get plenty of glitter placement.  Of course this meant that I ended up with lots of gel polish on my nails and it was really thick.  When I tried to thin it down it would drag the glitter off my nails.  So after quite a bit of jiggling, placement and wiping gel polish off the brush but trying to keep the glitter on there, I ended up with a decent coverage of the glitter within a not-tooo-thick layer of gel polish.

I cured it for the regular one minute, then applied the Ultra Glaze top coat and cured for two minutes.  I loved that my nails were instantly dry and glassy smooth, this was particularly weird given the thickness of the polish on my nails.  You can see on the side photos just how thick this is and how it angles down towards the nail tip.

I was actually wearing this mani on Christmas morning, and I have to say I reckon this mani saved me from a few breaks that day.  With all the parcel unwrapping with the kids, and then getting toys out of their boxes (where they have those metal ties holding them in place) I'm sure I would have busted a few nails it is weren't for the bullet-proof status of my Gelicious nails.

Removing the above mani was quite a process, but I was expecting that given the thickness of what I put on.  I did my usual foil method soak for 10 minutes, and then a little nail scratch as per the removal instructions, but I found it really only removed the top layers of Lady Lauryn.  I then foil method soaked for another 10 minutes and scratched to remove the bottom mani of DJ Bliss.

After my first dabbled experiment with Lady Lauryn, I decided to try it just as it's designed - thin coats.  Here I am wearing two thin coats of Lady Lauryn over a Gelicious black base (called Sleep till Noon - which I will show in another post).  I really love this polish over black and the gorgeous mirror shiny finish is just perfect.

Gelicious is available from their website although they also sell them quite often through various deal sites like Catch of the day. 

Polish provided for review, UV lamp and top coat purchased by me.


  1. Hi there,

    I've been reading your blog for a while, and I love your reviews! I love getting them in my email inbox every day :)

    But two questions: Is this one called Lady Lauren or Lady Lauryn? You seem to jump back and forth between them.

    And also, when you reposition glitter, are you just really really happy or do you move the glitter around? You always seem to be "giggling" while doing this, but sometimes I am sure you mean "jiggling". Just wanted to check! Maybe you really are that happy!!

    Keep up the awesome reviews!!

    1. It's Lady Lauryn, but that spelling just doesn't roll off my fingers like Lauren does.

      Re the giggling, yes I'm really just that happy, although with my nails I do jiggle it into place.

  2. Wow look at all that glittery goodness!

  3. Lady Lauryn is beautiful but the best part is how smooth these glittery polishes are.
    Giggling at the typos! Often they represent my sub-conscious when I make them. Usually when I'm really busy and trying to get things done fast. I'm betting that is you to a "T"

    1. Me? Busy? Ha ha. Wish I had a 'like' button for these comments.

  4. Hiya, I love your blog and have been really interested in all your posts on Gelicious polishes. Do you think they help stop your nails from being damaged? I have been trying to grow mine for soooo long but they get battered so much at work that they break or split as soon as they grow a bit :(. It would be a big investment so it would be helpful to know what you think? xxx

  5. Absolutely love Lady Lauryn! I'm wearing it right now over Lights Out... not as good as your sleep till noon but pretty close! How do you get your edges so neat (like around your cuticles etc)? Mine always becomes all uneven and weird! Most likely it's just user application error... yep, I suck at it! I also recently figured out that using a nail polish with conditioner in it makes gelicious peel. I've recently been using plain acetone and they've been lasting a lot longer! Anyway... happy gelicious-ing!! :)

    1. Oh yes, Lady Lauryn would look awesome over Lights out! I get my edges neat by a) lots of practice applying polish and b) using a thin angled brush with straight acetone on it to wipe around my cuticles before curing under the lamp.


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