Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Gelicious - DJ Bliss

Today I have another hybrid gel nail polish to show you from Aussie brand Gelicious. This polish is from their ClubLife set which promotes two Australian female DJs on the club scene. I've got Lady Lauren to show you another day, but today I've got DJ Bliss.

I have to say, at my point in life with two small children, I actually had no idea who DJ Bliss was.  Hitting the dancefloor and pumping it out to techno beats is something I really did leave behind me in my late teens and early twenties.  But from all accounts, this young lady has really made something of herself.
"She has played for the likes of B.O.B, Lil Jon and took the main stage at the infamous Playboy Midsummer Nights Dream party. Bliss has also toured all throughout Australia in every major city as well as Taiwan, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea."
And she's also freaking gorgeous!!! 

Image source: Gelicious.com

DJ Bliss - a shimmering light gold polish made up of small gold hexes and a fine gold shimmer.  This is a beautiful cool toned gold - exactly the shade of gold that I love!

I applied two coats of DJ Bliss, curing each coat for 1 minute under the gelicious lamp.  I found that I did have to apply this one a little thicker that I did with Dip in the Pool and Gold Digger, because if I just applied a normal thin wiped coat, I found it would take too much of the glitter off the nail.  I didn't dab it on, but I also didn't wipe it on.  In fact I just took my time in jiggling and moving the polish around until I was happy with each coat.

After the two layers of DJ Bliss, I was happy with the opacity, I really couldn't see through to my nails underneath and I had no visible nail line.  The last step was to apply the Ultra Glaze Top Coat, which I did thinly and smoothly to make sure I didn't get any bubbles.  After curing for the final two minutes I had the most amazing sparkly nails that were mirror like smooth on top and completely dry.  With a normal glitter polish like this you would have to wait quite a while to ensure it was fully dent proof.  I love that these are set dry and perfect, instantly!

These first four photos are taken in the shade and show the cool gold tones of how the polish generally looks indoors.

The remaining photos are in the full sun and you can start to apprecieate how sparkly this polish is.

I can't comment on removal of this one by itself, becuase after a day I added Gelicious Lady Lauren on top with more top coat. I will cover removal of it all in the blog post about Lady Lauren.

I purcahsed my Gelicious kit from www.gelicious.com where they also have a large range of other colours available.

Also of note about these gelicious hybred nails is a comment I read on their facebook site.

"BTW, gelicious does not have shellac in the formula as it can yellow and damage the nail. Ours is a more gentle gel formula that helps natural healthy nails to grow, while still getting the lasting results!"

I must say I'm still a bit confused about they whole gels, soak off gels, hybrid gels and shellac business. I don't really know the difference between them all - but I'm slowly learning.

Polish provided for review.


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  2. Oh, wow!! What a gorgeous polish!

  3. Doing swatches of regular polish is fast and easy to do on a daily (or more) basis. With the stunning look and finish on these ones you mustn't want to take them off anytime soon to do more swatches. That being said, I can't wait to see more of them that show them off to perfection. :) Also very interesting note about the contents of the polish. I don't like Facebook and tend to avoid it as much as possible so it was good to read your notes. I'm looking forward to reading more of your findings and research as well.


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