Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Inspired by a movie - Les Misérables

Tonight I have a scheduled post for you, because Mr and Mrs More Nail Polish are heading to the movie theatre!  Whoo hoo.  We don't get out much together so I'm really looking forward to it.  We are off to see Les Misérables.  It's actually the third time I'm seeing it (having seen it twice already with my mum).  It's seriously one of my favourite movies off all time!  I'm not sure how my husband will go with the non stop singing, but I hope he really enjoys it.

My nails today feature the classic image from the Les Mis stage show, which I remember seeing in Sydney when I was an early teen.  I created the image using temporary tattoo paper and placed it over a white nail.  The red and blue parts showing in that image are just from the tattoo paper.  I then painted my fingers to the left of the image red and the ones of the right blue.  These colours represent the red, white and blue from the french flag, which is the background image for the image of the young Cosette.

Last night I also signed myself up for Instagram @morenailpolish  I'm only just working out what I'm suppose to do with it all, and so far it seems like a lot of work to keep updating a blog, pinterest and instagram so I'll just see how I go.  If you have a nails related instagram account and would like me to check you out, I'm happy for you to post your IG names below in the comments.


  1. Cool! Colour combination is very successful

  2. Love this! I need to see the movie yesterday! :)

  3. Great mani, I loved Les Miserables

  4. Very pretty! My IG name is lacquerlovinglawyer :-)

  5. What a great mani, and so suitable for the movie. I really hope that your husband will like it too! :)

  6. What is that red??? I believe I need it! lol

  7. Replies
    1. Colours used were Ozotic 621 and Picture Polish Cosmos.

  8. Very cool! I loved the movie and just finished reading the book - it was amazing too.

  9. Hello, can you tell me where you got the temporary tattoo from? I can't find any Les Miserables ones.


  10. Hello,

    Can you tell me where you got the temporary tattoo from please?
    I've been looking everywhere and just can't find any. I've got Les Mis themed nails at the moment and Cosette is looking quite terrible, so temporary tattoo paper seems like a perfect solution! :)

    1. I actually printed it out myself onto temporary tattoo paper I bought off ebay. I'm terrible at freehand, so printing out what I want is perfect for me.

  11. Sweet! I also am in LOVE with Les Miserables. I just might have to use your idea...


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