Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Aussie Nails - Australian Flag

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies out there.  I hope you had an enjoyable day doing whatever it is you do on Australia Day.  My day was pretty quiet at home with the kids.  Mr More Nail Polish is away in Adelaide playing baseball so we just swam in the pool and had a quick outing to meet my new nephew, born yesterday.

Now to the nail stuff.  After a rather intense week of nail art, I bet you're expecting something pretty amazing for Australia Day.  Yet here I am showing you my store bought Australian Flag nail foils.

These nail foils are made by Australian brand Chi Chi, and I picked these up in Target back in about October or November, knowing I could wear them for Australia Day.

Two things I noticed written on the packing are: improved new stretch quality and long lasting.

I was actually really impressed with the quality of these when I first applied them  They certainly were stretchy and I was able to apply them without having any creases or crinkles on my nails, which given my nail curve was a pretty good thing.  I did actually choose to trim the back end of these strips on the cuticle edge because otherwise I felt they would look too much like Union Jacks and not really show any of the stars on the blue.

Sadly the claim that they are long lasting is a bit of a furphy (see me using my Australian slang there).  I applied two coats of top coat to these and sealed the tips really well, but it didn't stop them lifting at the tips and starting to collect fluff and dust on the tip where it's sticky.  By the end of the day they were shitting me so much I had to pull them off. 

But I still think they look great - especially if you're going for the gaudy, loud and in your face look :)  The finish on them is very shiny and smooth, and they certainly get attention.

The inlinkz below still has a few more days for any Aussies wanting to share their nail designs. Especially anyone like Shatter me Claire who is taking her Aussie nail art spirit all the way through to Mondays public holiday. You go girl!

Get the InLinkz code here to add to your blog.


  1. For a moment I thought you painted the flags on yourself - I nearly swooned! :)

  2. My god they look fantastic. I've been avoiding foils as I've had bad luck with them in the past but geez!! I'll be digging any ChiChi ones out the clearance bin!

    And how come he is in Adelaide and not you??? Rude! ;)

  3. These look so striking! I wish we could make our polishes look this clear and sharp.

  4. These foils are so pretty, and you've done a fantastic job applying them, they look very precise and I can't see any bubbles/creases! Chi Chi certainly have some pretty fabulous products, it's just a shame that they didn't last very long on. :(

    I have added my simple Australia Day themed nails, was caught off guard as I didn't anticipate being overseas, but it was still fun doing something to commemorate the occasion. :)


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