Friday, December 20, 2013

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Cirque Magnum Opus with glitter placement

I recently took some inspiration from the queen of glitter placement Polish All the Nails, and created a glitter placement mani using diamond shaped silver holographic glitters.

My base is the beautiful Cirque Magnum Opus, which is a purple-charcoal with a holo flame.  

My spacing isn't perfect with these glitters, but I was happy with the overall effect. It's bloody hard to get those glitters evenly spaced, especially when the diamond shapes aren't all cut evenly.

Here are some bonus swatches of Magnum Opus on it's own.  You can really see the two colours in the base of the polish. The first and third photos really show off the purple sheen, but the second photo shows the gold leaning charcoal.  Its a very beautiful holo.

The Alchemy Collection from Cirque is available from You can also find Cirque at several etailers worldwide, including Femme Fatale here in Australia.  For a full list of Stockists on the Cirque website here


  1. so pretty <3 i love these squares u added - the nails look like a futuristic snake skin :)

  2. Talk about perfect glitter placement?!! You totally nailed it, I love the result <3

  3. That's like having little disco balls on the nails. Awesome!! :)

  4. oooh I love this mani!! spectacular holo!


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