Monday, December 23, 2013

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Festive coloured ikat

How is everyone going with their Christmas preparations?  We are all set I think, presents wrapped, grocery shopping done, cookies baked and ready for Santa.  Just one more day of work and then I have a week off where I can enjoy the heat and swim in the pool - I love our hot Aussie Christmases. Yippee.

So I thought I would try out doing an ikat design with Christmas colours.  This looked better in my head, well not necessarily better, but definitely different.

The base is Ozoitc 621,  I then did the rough triangle shapes with OPI Push and Shove.  Then I put the green on top of that, which is PP Kryptonite. Lastly I did the rough scratchy lines using black.  When I applied top coat, the red from 621 bled over the top of OPI Push and Shove, making it look much more rose tone gold than silver.  

It definitely different, a very edgy Christmas look without doing the standard stamping of snowflakes and christmas trees.  I still haven't decided what is going on my nails for Christmas day though, I better get my thinking cap on.


  1. Beautiful! Your nails look just perfect for this year's Christmas!

    Xx julia

  2. I like that a lot, and I'm envious of your sunny Christmas!
    Merry Christmas! <3


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