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Lynnderella - Twelve Days of Christmas Part 1

As always, I'm excited to share with you the latest collection from Lynnderella - Twelve Days of Christmas.  We all know the song, so I love seeing how it's been interpreted into 12 different shades of nail polish.  Twelve polishes is too many for me to show in on post, so I'll show you the remaining six tomorrow night.  I had a hard time deciding if I counted up from the first day of Christmas, or whether I should could down. Counting down seems to roll of my tongue better, but I stuck with counting upwards like the full song.

Partridge in a Pear Tree - This one is your perfect Christmas in a bottle glitter bomb polish with red, gold and green glitters. I love this color combo, but I feel I can really only get away with wearing these colours together during the holiday season, otherwise I'm just too festive during the year. I've layered one coat of PiaPT over Essie Good as Gold.

Two Turtle Doves - after swatching is on a swatch stick I knew it wasn't really going to get opacity on it's own, so I layered two coats over Ulta3 Lilac Bloom. The polish has assorted grey, lilac, black and silver glitters with multi coloured glitter accents in an intense blue-violet shimmered translucent grey base. The violet blue shimmery base is simply amazing.

Three French Hens - a multi-coloured shimmery and micro glitter clear base with black, navy, green, red and iridescent blue glitters.  I love layering polishes with black glitter of a nude base.  This is one coat of Three French Hens over OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons.

Four Calling Birds - has red, green, blue and yellow glitters in a multi coloured shimmered clear base. A friend recommended that I try this one over pink, and considering that I'm not a huge pink wearer, I fell in love with it. This combo is gorgeous.  This is one layer over Picture Polish Fairy Floss.

Five Golden Rings - yes, yes, yes, just what I was hoping for. Another stunning gold glitter bomb.  This one is made with holographic white and yellow gold dots mixed with other gold glitters in a gold-shimmered clear base. This is two coats layered over Milani 3D. Be still my heart!

Six Geese Laughing - A very close second love from this part of the collection.  This one has assorted shades of green glitter with a subtle multi coloured glitter accent and mint green shimmer. I like that the geese are laughing, not laying. I can relate much more to happy laughing geese rather than them trying to push a... well you know know I mean.

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