Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Extending the wear on nail strips

Now that Christmas its over, I'm pulling out some manis that I wore earlier this month.  This one is a skittlette that I created using OPI Nail Apps.  You can see the whole swatch and review here.

After I had worn the full mani of the Nail Apps, I removed all the fingers except the middle and the thumb.  On my ring and index I did a simple two colour gradient using a base of Ulta3 Honolulu and sponged on with both honolulu and sizzling red.  My pinky is just sizzling red with a little gold stud.

I really loved this 'tequila sunrise' gradient, the two colours blended so nicely together.  I was also really happy with the colour match of the polishes I chose with the Nail App.  You could really get the same look with a stamp too.

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