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Frenz Nail - Opals Collection

You know what, I'm not sure that I like Instagram.  There are quite a lot of not-no-nice people on there that feel happy to post nasty comments safely behind of the anonymity of their accounts. I don't like seeing nasty comments, regardless of who it's directed at.  Hmmmmm, what can I do?

You know what I do like?  A new to me polish brand with AWESOME polishes!  Let me shows you Frenz Nail Color.  These polishes were provided to me by Maconii Collection here in Australia, and they stock a range of nail polish brands, including OPI, Color Club, JOSS, Pretty Serious, Glitter Gal and Nfu Oh.  

Frenz Nail Color is a French brand, and there is a number of Frenz Nail Color collections available on the Maconii website, including a bunch of holos (that look like they could be similar to Nfu Oh), neons, flakies and glitters.  I'm excited to share with you the flakies collection, aptly names the Opal Collection.  Unfortunately they don't have names, only names.

03 - Emerald Green to blue colour shifting flakies in a clear base.  Flakie payoff is one of the best there is from all my flakie polishes.  This is one coat layered over OPI DS Fantasy.

04 - Turquoise blue to cobalt blue colour shifting flakies in a clear base.  Again, flakie payoff was excellent and this is one coat over Ulta3 Lucky Bamboo.  I miss judged the two polishes in the bottle and ended up putting the polish with the bluer flakies (04) over a green polish, and vice versa.

I did a comparison over black so you can see the difference between 03 and 04.

01 - Orange to yellow to green colour changing flakies, with white micro flakies in a clear base.  The dense white flakies in this mean that you can almost wear it on it's own.  Although I did two coats layered over one coat of Picture Polish beige for some neutral undies.  The final look it a soft white, it actually reminds me of wedding nails.

05 - Orange to yellow to green colour changing flakies, with white flakies in a yellow tinted base.  I thought this one would look best layered over black and it sure looks great.  This is one coat over black, so again you can see the flakie payoff is big.

I also swatched it to show what it looks like on it's own.  This is three thin coats on it's own, next to one coat over black.  I was actually surprised how nice this bright yellow looked on my skin, the flakies make it lean quite orange. It's like sunshine on my nails.

06 - Orange to yellow to green colour changing flakies, with white flakies in a pink tinted base. I layered two coats over Picture Polish beige for some neutral undies, and the finished effect is like a sparkly, flakie nude pink. 

I did a quick comparison of one coat of 01, 05 and 06 over black. They all have the same flakies, although in 06, the white flakies are denser.  The clear difference is that they all have different tinted bases.

A quick bottle shot, where I didn't even think to get all the bottles the same way around!

The Frenz Nail Color polishes are available here in Australia from Maconii Collection for $9.95. 

I think I'm going to have to get the Frenz holos, just because I have to get ALL the holos :)

Polishes provided for review.


  1. These are really pretty!

    I've gotten a lot of rude comments on instagram, probably more than any other social media site. Some people really need to get lives if their idea of entertainment is being rude to strangers.

  2. Oh, wow! 03 and 04 are both gorgeous!

  3. FLAKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I'd block the nasties! I wish blogger had the same feature to be honest!

    1. Haha, I wondered when you would arrive after hearing the word 'flakies'

  4. Just got my 03 & 04, I am totally in love. Thanks so much for swatching these or I would never have heard of them. :)

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  6. Hi, I just posted a link to your page/pics on my facebook group Polish-aholics Anonymous, hope that is ok.


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