Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year's Eve everyone.  Do you have big plans?  I'm sure I'll probably be sleeping in the new year, knowing that my kiddos will be up early in the morning.  

I've had a big year on my blog. I can't believe that I went for more than a year doing a blog post every single day. I proved to myself that keeping up with blogging is just a matter of being orgnaised and a little bit of will power, but I guess I'm just like a dog with a bone with some things - I just can't let it go. Maybe that's why my stash is just getting so huge too!

Here is my new year mani created using Messy Mansion Plate MM02.  I created a warm summer sunset gradient using Picture Polish Crazy and Sunset and Ulta3 Midnight.  Don't the names of those three polishes just totally sum up this mani!  Hot Aussie New Years are so wonderful, although one day I'd like to think we could celebrate a cold one with a white Christmas too.

I stamped the fireworks on using Dance Legend holos in different colours, not that you can actually tell they are in different colours because of the holo glow.  Stamped holo fireworks are so awesome!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year. Chat to you next year!


  1. <3 so pretty!! and congratulations on blogging every day!

  2. Wow that is spectacular - everyone is partying with the fireworks - love it.

  3. That's so beautiful! Love the sunset party and the holo fireworks are awesome. i also stamped holo fireworks, but your mani is way prettier than mine.
    Happy New Year! <3

  4. These are absolutely amazing!! I love the holo stamping!

  5. Wow, lovely holo fireworks! My hubby and I are heading down to see the local NYE fireworks in a moment. Great job on blogging every day and have a happy new year <3

  6. A perfect mani for a perfect ending to a perfect year!

  7. Your mani captured the NYE spirit so vividly! What black polish did you use for the stamping?
    Happy New Year and look forward to your blog posts in 2014!

  8. wow I love this manicure!
    It looks great on your nails
    Happy new year ;)

  9. Your mani is amazing I love the colors and how well you captured the NYE spirit!

  10. Happy new year!!!

    You got IT (color, design, AND ALLWAYS EXTRAVAGANT&ELEGANT)
    Robin Moses did a simular one-
    but YOURS is much much more delicate!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!

  11. This is so pretty! Love the fireworks, that is just amazing ;) And congrats on blogging every day - and sometimes with more than one post a day.. That's really impressive! Happy New Year!


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