Saturday, December 28, 2013

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How to do a perfect watermarble

I finally discovered how to create the perfect watermarble look on my nails, and I'm going to share the secret!

It is important to start with a good canvas, so paint your nails in a pale base colour, I used white.

Next, cut out your watermarble design water decals that you got from the Born Pretty Store.  There are lots of colour combinations to choose from, reds, blues, yellows - you are sure to find a combo you like.

Choose which designs you want to place on each finger and then apply them like you would any normal water decal. EG soak in water and then slide them onto your nail. Once dry, cover with top coat.

Voila. No mess, perfect watermarble swirls.

Bah haa haa, I'm just so funny!  I had to post these nails today for a laugh, simply because of some hilarious comments on my instagram account on my previous mani.  You see, I clearly stated upfront that it was a skittlette created using OPI Nail Apps, and then I started getting comments about the fact that I 'cheated' with my nail art because I used 'stickers' and that 'stickers are for people who can't actually do nail art".   Of course there were some super lovely ladies on there who kindly responded to these ridiculous comments.

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter how the hell you create the 'art' you put on your nails.  Some people are amazing at free hand art - good for them, many of us are not.  That is exactly why there is a huge market in nail polish strips, water decals, stickers and various other things that you can create nail designs with.  I really love using nail strips, water decals and the like to show people the sorts of designs they can create easily with these products that end up looking really neat and professional. 

So haters of instagram, be prepared to see plenty of decals, stickers and strips in various sorts of nail 'art' that I create. If you don't like, please leave, and also know that I really don't need to see your useless comments despite the giggle they give me.


  1. OMG that's genius! I love the look of water marbles but I just can't do them, and I'm not prepared to put up with the mess of trying again. Those are gorgeous, they're definitely on the list for my next BPS shop!

  2. ROFL!!!! That is just too funny - good for you and thanks for sticking up for the rest of us who don't mind how we achieve our "nail art". Without your reviews many of us would still be out there wondering how the heck to achieve things that are in the too hard basket or just take up valuable time that people with real lives don't always have.

  3. Oh my god, that is funny to me on two levels. One: Nail art "elitists" who see themselves as gatekeepers to some exclusive group, rather than welcoming new people who just want to try pretty things. Nail art is for anyone. Two: They said that to YOU? Of all people? Have they even SEEN your blog? You do amazing original nail art all the time.

  4. LOL! You got me! xD This looks like a perfect water marble, that's true!! 10 points to Gryffindor... I mean, to Born Pretty! hahaha

    Don't pay attention to those haters, as you say, there are also lovely ladies who like pretty nails like yours, who cares if you use stickers or water decals or anything? I don't think that's cheating, it's only good taste and good looking nails :)

    Happy new year!

  5. Hahaha! I was so excited, thinking "What amazing invention has Cathy come up with now?" This is definitely a revolutionary one! ;)

    1. DITTO and love you're ability to keep your humor!

    That's just the right decision for me, my watermarble is always a pathetic mess.
    As for IG haters - well, you know, haters gonna hate, that's all they do.

  7. I love your blog because you showcase so many different looks, all done so well! And this post is perfect too!

  8. Your blog is my daily must-see along with one other-- and I love your attitude towards the ridiculousness. I am one who would never attempt a water marble so it's great to know there is this option. Thank you and thank you for telling folks who would make a fetish out of anything where to go...

  9. What a clever idea! I love the looks you create... regardless of what you use to achieve it :)

  10. Ha ha ha ha! Ótimo! Isso mesmo!
    Quem não sabe também precisa e pode ser feliz.
    Parabéns e não ligue para pessoas neuróticas e perfeccionistas.
    O importante é dizer a verdade. Se a pessoa não sabe fazer ela pode usar as opções que encontrar.

  11. So pretty! Water Marble is such a tricky look to achieve. Those decals are brilliant!

  12. Love the decals and your post made me laugh. I am so completely right-handed that I can do stunning nail art on my left hand only. Try to replicate on my right hand and it looks like one of my dogs was doing the work. I am not terribly fond of stickers but I always loved the old water decals and was hoping they would come back! Thanks!

  13. Thank you!!! Ok. I ordered the water marble could you please magic me your skill at gradients? I am fine with it however you can work it.


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