Sunday, September 27, 2015

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31DC2015 - Inspired by artwork

I've always loved optical illusion art works, and in my first year of the 31 Day Challenge I use a design by M C Escher for my inspired by artwork design.  Today's art work is another famous optical illusion one, although I don't know who the artist wass.

These were some nails that I pulled together whilst I was ill. I did this because they are super quick for me to be able to print out and apply.  Maximum impact for minimum effort. I just wish my printer printed in finer detail on the water decal paper so get a smoother look.

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  1. Ha! I recognized that painting right away b/c it's on the cover of a book we have called Masters of Illusion. The painting is called 'The Sun Sets Sail' (2001); the artist is Ron Gonsalves. Your version of the painting is flipped, as the bridge begins on the left & becomes a ship on the right. Great job on the nails!

  2. Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous; the amount of detail on a tiny 'canvas' is so satisfying :)

  3. Can I ask what paper you're using? These looks GREAT!

  4. What Naomi said. I also want this painting so bad!!!

  5. Love that painting and the optical illusion it gives. Brilliant to put it on your nails. First I thought you had freehanded it but nontheless it was stunning, great method too. :D

  6. Beautiful! Do you use a normal printer with decal paper or is it a special printer?

    1. Thank you, I just use a regular cheap ink jet printer, I top coat the decal before soaking in water so it doesn't bleed.

  7. Looks beautiful, love this print on your nails! =)


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