Saturday, September 26, 2015

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31DC2015 - Inspired by a pattern - Burberry

For today's prompt I've gone with a very minimalist look, based around the Burberry pattern on a nail wrap.  On my other fingers I have Face of Australia Travilla with a single line of holographic black glitters that I placed in a line.

The feature nail is a Jamberry nail wrap. WHAT! I know! With all the drama going on at the moment with Jamberry, can you believe that I am using one?  Truth is, Jamberry is launching here in Australia in a few days and I was sent some samples to review.  I have no interest in becoming a Jamberry consultant, but I actually wanted to try them out to see how they compare to all the other nail wraps on the market.  You'll have to come back for that review in early October after I've finished the 31 Day challenge (and finished my wear test).

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  1. Love the minimalist idea! I love those black glitters xx


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