Friday, September 11, 2015

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31DC2015 - Polka Dots - inspired by Elspeth Mclean

A few months ago, Tam from @ohmygoshpolish posted a dotticure that was inspired by artist Elspeth Mclean. If you are not familiar with her work, do yourself a favour and check out this google image search.

Elspeth paints of various materials, but is particularly known for her stones, all hand painted with different combinations of dots - they are stunning.  I was inspired by her to create this skittle mani of different dot combos.  They didn't end up looking like her stones unfortunately, but they were colourful, and dotti - which means I met the challenge brief.

I created the dotti designs on my Uber Chic mat, which is Uber awesome.  I used some of the Picture Polish dotting tools to get the various sized dots.

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My Polka dots nails from 2013 and 2014!


  1. omg these look amazing - and the plastic sheet planner is a killer idea <3 #bowstomaster

  2. Beautiful! I also know that artist's work and this is an awesome way to celebrate her work.

  3. Apparently we had the exact same idea... :-p

  4. I love this mani, it is perfect.

  5. This is a gorgeous mani and the uber chic mat is soo cool! First purchase on next payday!!

  6. I have to admit that I kinda squealed when I saw your nails! I love her work - want one of those stones SO bad, even though I know it will never happen. You did such a fantastic job with this enterprise. I love your mani!

  7. The manicure is just as awesome as the inspiration! Makes me sad to think you might've only worn it for a day!

  8. I'll have to check this mat out. Is it for the purpose of making nail appliqu├ęs? Now this is something I might just be able to do. Hehehe. Just gotta look up the instructions now.

  9. Lovely!! I wish I had bigger nails so I could fit more of a design when I try to re-create her looks!


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