Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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31DC2015 - Inspired by a song - I still call Australia home

After two solid days of bed rest I'm think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Tonsillitis really knocks me around, I seem to get it an awful lot, at least once every year I think.  My tonsils are still huge and white and I've not eaten for two days, but I did just manage a cup of green tea and feel much better for it.  Mind you, not well enough to stay up and paint my nails, but luckily I still have two manis up my sleeve.

Today's prompt is inspired by a song. I find this last part of the challenge the hardest.  I had no idea what to for this mani, no songs were jumping out at me for a theme.  I actually sat at my nail painting table for half an hour trying to think of something, then an ad came on TV for part two of a mini series shown here in Australia - Peter Allen - Not the boy next door.  Once of the song featured in the ad, and ultimately in the show is my favourite Peter Allen song - I still call Australia home.

As soon as I hear the song my nail art theme immediately came to mind.  The first line of the song is 
"I've been to cities that never close down
From New York to Rio and old London town
But no matter how far or how wide I roam
I still call Australia home"
To depict this I have, The Statue of Liberty (New York), Christ the Redeemer statue (Rio), Big Ben (London).  On my pinky and thumbs I have images depicting Australia.

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  1. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! I love the manicure, it's so cute. :) I'll most likely skip today, as I really can't think of a song worth to paint on my nails lol. The same goes for the rest of the "inspired by..." prompts. I'd much rather do another galaxy.

  2. Ahhh get well soon! I love your song choice, it's very sweet to have a song about the feeling of home <3

  3. I don't know the song, but your nails are amazing!

  4. I adore this! Such a fun song and great nails!

  5. I don't know the song but I love the Liberty statue!

  6. I love it! The Liberty statue looks just great :D

  7. So amazingly unique yet so beautiful. I love everything about this mani. You perfectly nailed it! I have very similar manicure at the nail art salon ( http://nail-it-europe.com/blog/nail-art/signature-nail-art/ ). I liked it so much!!!


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