Monday, September 21, 2015

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31DC2015 Inspired by a colour - Dance Legend Optical Illusion

The nail polish colour that I chose to be inspired by is Dance Legend Optical Illusion.  I then stamped with some optical illusion design using Hit the Bottle Polish.

I'm sorry that I all I have tonight, I have tonsillitis and have been sleeping all day.  I wont be doing my nails tonight with means I probably will fall behind in the challenge.  Such is life.

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  1. Those two colours work really well together :)

  2. Stunning effect! Hope you get better soon *hugs*

  3. This is so cool! Oh no! I hope you feel better soon, tonsillitis is the absolute worst!

  4. Take care, stay inside and drink a lot of tea with lemon and honey

  5. So amazingly unique yet so beautiful. I love everything about this mani. You perfectly nailed it! I have very similar manicure at the nail art salon ( ). I liked it so much:)


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