Sunday, September 20, 2015

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31DC2015 - Watermarble

I used to get so worried about watermarble day in the challenge, it's either going to work amazing for you, or be a horrible mess.  Generally if you have the Pipedream ANIVC then it's going to be a good watermarbling day, and luckily for me - I do!

I really wanted to get all the colours from the collection onto each nail, which meant I needed to do a very tight watermarble.  I used my own polish mix for the clear polish between each drop when making the bullseye and was happy that I got all seven colours on each nail.

My base is Nfu Oh 61 - silver holo and then I added the watermarble over the top. I like how these almost look like a spiders web.

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  1. Beautiful

    Beeeeeeeijos =)

  2. Love your water marble. You did a great job!

  3. I cannot believe how gorgeous and fun this looks! I have a question though - what did you topcoat with? Whenever I topcoat my Nfu Oh 061 it always dulls the holo a LOT T^T

  4. Stunning! I love how the negative spaces work together with the rainbow colours and the holo.

  5. Such an amazing watermarble! Do you know of any drugstore/affordable polishes that are good for watermarbling? I've recently been getting into nail art and I want to try this technique more :)


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