Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peachy foils

I reckon I could signal an aeroplane from a deserted island with the sun reflecting off these nails.  How cool do they look!!

Clearly these are some foils. A pinky peach colour, applied over two coats of Ulta3 Romance.  The lines on the nails form naturally because of the type of foil and how it curves around the nail.  I have really curvy nails, so if you nails are flatter, then you wouldn't see as many lines.

Here are the same foils in the shade.

This is the foil that I used.  In the shade you can see that it is a peach coloured holographic metallic.

The foil and my thumb nail in the sun.

This was just awesome, but... I thought I would test out comments that you MUST apply a top coat otherwise these just disappear.  Its true.  You MUST apply a top coat.  I can't stress that enough.  I didn't cause I loved the absolute holoness of the finish, and within three hours this was nothing more that a few metallic flakes on my nails.  Of course you will have to experiment with top coats to find one that wont wrinkle and take the holo finish away. 

So far I have tested Ulta3 top coats and Seche Vite and neither of those work well with foils.  Australis Top and Base coat worked ok. 


  1. Essas unhas são de para o trânsito!


  2. That's an amazing effect. Your nails look out of this world!


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