Friday, June 3, 2011

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Another magnetic holo franken - purple

I was going to show my next favourite Ozotic pro multichrome polish, but to be honest, they are so dupey of the Artform ones, I'm just a bit bored with writing about them.  Not bored with the polishes, they are just amazing, I just can't be stuffed writing stuff up about them.  My bad.

Instead I have another magnetic holographic polish today.  This one is purple.  ** umm der, did I really need to tell you this was purple **

This was made using half magnetic polish, then equal parts of Artform holographic polish in Mauve, OPI DS Original and China Glaze LOL.  My franken is only in a small 5ml bottle, so I didn't feel too bad about frankening with my beloved DS Original or LOL.  Plus I was confident it would work perfectly because I have done it a few times already with other colours.

OOHHHH, magnetic stripy and holoy all at once.

Also, cause its still Thursday in Hawaii and on the west coast of the Americas (you crazy people living a day behind us Aussies - at least you will always know that the world wont end today, because it's already tomorrow in Australia (I know, old joke, sorry)) Where was I, oh yes, you still have just under 6 hours to enter my franken polish contest.

I have also decided to increase the size of my pictures by just a tad.  I don't bother making my pictures clickable, mainly because I never bother clicking on other peoples images, and I would rather save the storage space in my profile to add more pictures.  Hopefully the size increase wont screw up my template design.


  1. Whoa, I could never create something like that!
    Partly because we don't have a lot of special-effect polishes here, but it never changes the fact I'm not that good :P

    BTW, it means now we can't eneter the contest?
    When everyone start voting and when it's getting over? :O

  2. Lilach - I'll put all the entries up on my blog tomorrow morning Australia time. Then voting will begin. I'm not sure yet how long voting will be open, but check back tomorrow for details.

  3. That is so awesome!! If you don't mind me asking, where do you get your 5ml franken bottles?

  4. Julia - I get them from and they cost $6 for 20 bottles. They have other styles that are slightly cheaper.

  5. I love theese frankens :)

    I have to figure out how to make my pics larger.. I'm not very good at figuring out blogger's design thing-y.. I like larger pics too, because I never bother to click on them anyway..

  6. gorgeous!
    i can't wait for the contest to start :)

  7. I love your Frankens, I really do!

  8. Are you the first to put magnetic and holo together? Definitely the first I've seen. It seems like they should be making those already! Also, the bigger pics look perfect:-)
    So excited to see all the other contest entries!

  9. Where can you buy online magnetic polishes?
    And can you write a tutorial about how to make the special effect?
    Thanks anyways ^_^

  10. Lilach - if you click on 'magnetic' in my labels on the right side, you will be able to read about where I bought these polishes from online and see how to get the magnetic designs.

  11. You are amazing!! You need to sell these!


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