Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Avon Colour Morphing over LA Girls Groupie

Something a little fun today.  I thought it about time to pull out my AVON colour morphing top coat and try it layered over a different polish.  I chose LA Girls Groupie from the Rock Star collection.  There is so much going on with the mani, first the purple flecks from Groupie, then the amazing shifting shimmer from the top coat, going from gold to green.

I was amazed how easy it was to see both gold and green shimmer at the same time, but I wonder if this would have been better over a creme polish rather than a glass fleck one, because the shine coming from groupie started to hide the other two colours.

The green and the purple looked so awesome together.

Aaahhhhh, Colour Morphing top coat, I really love you. We shall never be parted.

Also - received an email from piCture pOlish last night saying they have 10% off Ozotic polishes at the moment (until 6:00pm 5 July Aussie time), as well as saying they have cheaper standard mail for international orders.  I have no idea how much cheaper it makes the international postage, but I thought I should let you know, as they are the only place you can get Ozotics that post internationally (even if their Ozotic prices are a bit higher than some other resellers).


  1. This is just stunning! I tell you I will not rest until I have found that top coat! :D

  2. That is amazing! Ive never heard of it but I love it!

  3. Well. The first two pictures I thought "oh that's pretty". Then I scrolled to the third and my jaw dropped "what the O.o did NOT see that coming". That's a really cool top coat :)

  4. How does the colour morphing stuff work!?

  5. Em - This Avon polish has a really great pigment in it that shifts from orange/gold to green. Its the same sort of pigment that is in Clarins 230 and the Liquid Euphoria polishes.

  6. brillos brillos brillos, lo mmaximo

  7. Fortunately I've got Nirvana, so I am not in some addictive withdrawal mode right this moment!
    lovely polish!!!

  8. Alas......Avon no longer makes such a fabulous polish. I've been searching and finally got an answer from the Rep. :O(

  9. I found the Avon top coat! I scored it on a bulk lot with a bunch of Revlon & LA Colors polishes & Avon skincare for $21.50 on Trade Me (NZ's Ebay). Keep up the search, ladies - it's out there!


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