Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Stripes and stamps

I used the same striping technique that I used on my autumn mani to create this very pretty pastel mani.

I've seen other people refer to this stamp image on the Bundle Monster plate as snakeskin, but for some reason it reminded me of a pair of white socks I had as a kid with lace like holes in them.  That's why I chose to do a very pretty girly mani with it.

Here is an in-progress photo, showing how I did each of the stripes.  Look, I didn't even use a base coat. Naughty me!

As you can see, the edges around my nails are not neat, they are chunky and either all over my skin, or not even close to the edge.  But after I stamped I did my clean up and you don't notice the messy edges.

For this mani I used my spring collection polishes from Ulta3.  They didn't have a nice pastel green, but this is one that I frankened up ages ago using white and Ulta3 Jelly.

What I still suck at is lining up the stamp on my finger straight.  I seem to mess it up every time.  I'll have to get some tips from Carly at Konad-licious on how to get it straight, she always does a great job.


  1. this is really pretty! I like your inspiration! It reminds me also of a pair crocheted socks!

  2. i love thsoe colors. i wish they were mine!!!

  3. Haha I used to have a pair of socks like that too :P I always saw this stamp as snakeskin but now that you mention it I definitely see the socks as well :)

  4. lindos colores pasteles, y el estampado mu bueno


  5. This looks absolutely lovely! So soft and feminine

  6. So summery and such a pretty look - the stamping really makes it.

  7. You are probably a very patient person as this mani requires it! The results turned out great. I like the daintiness. :)

  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

    Rins - patient person, that makes me laugh! I guess I am patient sometimes, but it runs out pretty quickly around my 3 year old!

  9. I love it! you're on my blogroll! <3


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