Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Franken polish contest - WINNER

Oakey Doakey people.  Well there are still a few hours of Saturday night left in Hawaii, but I'm closing voting early because I just don't think anyone will catch the winner.  So, time to tell you who you voted the winner of the Franken contest.

There were a total of 244 votes. There were a few people that had voted more than once.  If you voted more than once for two different polishes, both votes were voided.  But, if you voted more than once for the same polish, I counted this as one vote.  I pulled all the votes into a spreadsheet, checked that they were real followers and not made up names (seriously people, you didn’t think I would check?).  I ran some filters and pivots tables and finally found our winner. I present the winning polish for you.

Congratulations to Jane for her “Smells like teen spirit” franken.

If there had been a prize for second place (which sorry, there isn’t) then it would have gone to Zara for her “Dinosaur Egg”

Now to the judges winner.  The two judges were my mum and my husband.  This is what mum had to say:

“It was so hard to whittle this down to just one choice as I had two that I was torn between. Emerald City and Katy’s Glamour. I was delighted to read everyone’s ideas, how the colours came about.  The whole approach to your Franken’s.  Some were very detailed with many colours and one was a wow- imagine that!  A case of “I’ll just see what happens if I add a few drops of this”. That is one of those really exciting things when frankening.  You never know quite what is going to happen.  Alchemy 101 – LOL.”

My husband said “Ohhh, I really like number 12, the sparkley blue one”

So congratulations to the judge’s choice winner Kati, with Katy’s Glamour.  With a special mention to Anutka for her simple formula with amazing results for Emerald City.

Thanks once again to you all for your Franken submissions.  I hope everyone enjoyed participating, I certainly loved seeing what you created.  I have plans for another franking competition in the future.


  1. congrats jane!!
    if i can't have Turquoise Opal, at least a friend can :P

  2. Congrats to Jane!

    Thank you soo much!

    It was really fun to participate and i'm happy that you like my franken!

    Hugs and kisses :-D

  3. Congratulations Jane and Kati!

  4. Thanks for the congratulations, I'm so happy!! Also congrats to Kati!
    And once again, thank you Cathy :) I enjoyed this contest very much and I'm sure all the others did too!

  5. And Rebecca, you're so sweet :-D

  6. Congrats ladies! beautiful creations!


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