Monday, June 6, 2011

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Ozotic 503 Rainforest

That last post was pretty cool hey.  It was a lot a fun to put together, and it's great to see votes coming in for the polishes.  There are four pretty clear favourties at the moment - I wonder who will win.

Today, I'm totally going against what I said I would do with the Ozotic multichromes I got.  I said I was going to post them in order of my least favourite to my favourite of these polishes.  But, I received an email from piCture pOlish on Friday evening saying they only had 30 bottles of this polish left, and I quote "if you wanted one now would be a good time to get your hands on one as they will no longer be made!!!!"

So I feel it is my duty to post these swatches now in case you want to grab up one of those last few bottles.

Now, this polish was only added to their site for sale on 1 May after not being available for, well, ever.  So that also shows how popular this polish is.

This polish is an exact dupe for Artform #503 polish.  Not just similar, I mean EXACT!! And like I said in that post, this polish is spectacular.  I would list it as #1 or #2 in my list of favourite multichrome polishes.

This is two coats over black in partial sunlight.  Check out my Artform #503 pictures to see the dupe of this polish in full sunlight.

It's base colour is green, but it's multichrome shifts are purple on one end and bronze on the other. 

See the slight purple at the edges and the bronze on the tips.

Here is more bronze.

At this angle you see the serious purple shift.

I will say nothing more on this polish, if you miss out, your have yourself to blame :)

piCture pOlish have also added another multichrome polish to their site called Molten #520, and some new holographic polishes too.  Looks like I will have to do another order from them.


  1. Thanks for the swatches! That email finally pushed me to get it (along with 513 purple holo) so I can't wait for it to arrive.

  2. que linda combinacion de colores


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