Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Ozotic 505 Eclipse

Because I haven't swatched any of the JQ glitters yet, here are some pictures of Ozotic 505 Eclipse to drool at. Turquoise green base with purple multi chrome shift.  This is two coats over black.

Here it is in the shade outside.

In the full sun.

Seriously, this doesn't even look like the same polish does it!!

The purple goes almost red. Spectacular.

Now grab a cloth and wipe your keyboard.


  1. This is a gorgeous duochrome! I've seen many duochromes from this brand and they are all amazing!

  2. jajaja es cierto quede impresionada con el color, que intenso
    me gusta

  3. There must be a streak of pure evil in you LOL....I am totally drooling!

  4. I'm impressed with the varnish but AMAZED by your photography. My duochromes just come out flat and dark. To get all the tones like this is seriously impressive. I'm jealous. Must be said

  5. Wow ! They remind me of outer space .__. such beautiful colors


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