Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Ozotic 520 Molten

Another spectacular multichrome from ozotic today. #520 Molten.  I have the whole collection now, so I will put together a quick reference colour guide in the near future.

I feel this is rather similar to #502 Sands, although they look totally different in the bottle they have a similar base colour and shift colour - if that makes sense. #520 Molten is a burgundy rust red shifting to amber, orange and gold.

This photo was taken in full sun, two coats over black.

Next photo taken outdoors, in the shade with the LED camera light on to show the shimmer and multichrome colour effect.

Outdoors, sun behind a cloud.

Full sun, different angle.  I love this shot, the colours in the polish make it look like its late afternoon in summer with a hot sun setting, whereas it was actually about 11am and 10 degrees.  I love that it makes me feel warm when it's so damn freezing at the moment.

I will do a comparison swatch of this and 502 just to see the differences on the nail.


  1. Lovely! I've been eyeing this one. Can't wait to see your comparison swatches. :D

  2. what would this look like on it's own (no black underneath)? It's to die for over the black. Like a sunset for the nails!

  3. NailsByCourteney - Without black underneath you need at least 3-4 coats for opacity, and you don't quite get the same pop with multichrome reflections. But otherwise it's almost the same.

  4. pretty!
    omg my captcha was "ratedr"" RATED R


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