Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Ozotic 502 Sands

As I said yesterday, I caved and bought all the ozotic pro multichrome polishes last week from piCture pOlish.  These are a total dupe of my Artform multichromes - see the Artform #502 here. But I don't mind having dupes of such awesome colours, and it also means I can decant some for my mum too.

Instead of posting these in number order, I'm going to post them in order of my least favourite to favourite.  Which makes this post, #502 or 'Sands' as it is now called, my least favourite.

It shifts from burgundy through to gold.  This was two coats over black.

I also think this is more of a duochrome rather than a multichrome, because I just don't really see that rainbow of colours like I do with the other Ozotic polishes.

Still beautiful, even if its my least favourite.

This was also the hardest to capture on the camera.  I had that problem with the Artform dupe too.  I didn't change my photography technique for this, so I just don't think it's as 'multichromey' as the others.

And remember, today is the last day to get in entries for my Franken Polish contest.  I have a few entries so far, and it is going to be so hard for you guys to pick your favourite, because they are all just gorgeous.  And such great names too.  If its Thursday anywhere in the world, then you can still get your entry in.


  1. Oooh - looks good though :D

    Wonder if I can pull a Franken out of thin air for you *heads off to try*

  2. Whoa, I thought it was over today (in here it's thursday XD)!
    This company has has the best nail polishes ^_^

  3. If this is your 'least favourite' we're in for a real treat when you show us your favourite! Following. :)


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