Monday, October 24, 2011

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Frankenpolish Glass Fleck Duochrome Top Coat

I did lots of frankening on the weekend.  It was so much fun.  I have quite a few things to show you, but you will have to be satisfied with one polish at a time (and I will get back to the remaining Hits holographics too)

I also got the latest Ozotic polishes in the post today from Picture Polish.  I got all four of the new Mish Mash polishes and I can confirm that they are all holographic multi-chromes. Hello Peter from Lumineye. I wonder where you got that idea from. You've been reading my blog, haven't you?

Anyway, back to today's franken, which is an amazing glass fleck top coat, but first...

Public Service Announcement for Australian ladies


That's right.  The price is as good if not better than TKB's and the quality is fantastic.  As you can see in these pictures, its super shiny and the most important thing is it suspends stuff.  I've used it with spectraflair and various pigments and so far there has been no settling.  These swatches are all with no top coat so you can see how shiny it is.  If you are interested in buying some suspension base, please email me and I will give you the details of where you can buy it from.

When you're buying that suspension base, you may like to buy some of this pigment too, which is available from the same supplier.  It's called Rona Volcanic Sparks and in it's powder form it's a white iridescent looking powder. I simply mixed about 5 grains of barley size spoonfuls into my new suspension base, in a mini 5 ml bottle.  I then applied two coats over a black base.

This polish shifts from a pink and maroon through to orange and yellow.

It photographs the best in the shade or indoors, because in the sun in it so super sparkly it's hard to see the colour shift.

In this up close macro shot, you can really see the glass flecks.  The finish is totally smooth too.

As soon as I applied this it reminded me of another polish., the much loved Orly Cosmic FX Space Cadet.  I did a comparison swatch here.  They look quite different because of the black base under the franken, but the base colour of the flecks in the polishes are really similar.

As you can see, they both shift the same colour.  I think the particle size is also about the same, it just looks like the franken is much coarser because it is layered over black.

Up close again, franken over black on the left, Space Cadet on the right.

So what do you think?  Pretty awesome right.  I think it would be pretty easy to create a franken very similar to Space Cadet if I were to mix some tints into the polish. But for a real quick franken topcoat I was so happy with the effect of this one. 

International ladies, sorry I don't know where you can get this pigment from overseas, but stay tuned tomorrow as I have something you can get your hands on easily which is just as pretty as this, but a different colour.


  1. OMG! Stunningly beautiful

    Can't wait to see some swatches of the new Ozotics

  2. wow that is so pretty.
    I've sent you an email about the suspension base :)
    I can't wait to see the new Ozotics. I ordered 531 last week but my order still says 'processing'. The wait is killing me :(

  3. Wow!!
    This is awesome!!
    I love it!

  4. Ugh, if anyone knows where I one can find suspension base in the UK I will send candy in return for said info.

  5. Wow you are the franken queen!! You really should sell this stuff!

  6. LOL how many manufacturers do you know? Beautiful polish as always.

  7. Aarrrgh, please stop showing these amazing pigments!
    Did you receive my last email? Anyway, I got te colour changing pigments, thank you again from here too!

  8. Gorgeous! I ordered the new Ozotic quads from Llarowe here in the states and am dying, dying I tell you, to get them! And I can't play with my pigments from TKB cuz I don't have enough suspension base and they won't get more in til Nov!!! Gaaaaah!!

  9. Oh my gosh that's gorgeous! I'm so tempted to email you...

  10. That is so gorgeous! I didn't like Space Cadet (yes, I know) but this is so nice.

  11. It's super awesome! I could tell right away that it reminded me of Space Cadet colors. Good find!

  12. Holy moly. That is incredible!

  13. This is the same pigment as in CND Crimson sparkle :)

  14. I would love to know where I can get this pigment in the US. Is this something TKB sells too?

  15. Hi Cathy,
    I wanted to ask you about pigment availability in Aus. I love some of the stuff tkb does but shipping is too expensive ($25 minimum now). The people who make Joss don't appear to stock much in the way of travel pigments. Do you know anyone else who does? I'm also after some holo pigment too and that seems difficult to come by nowadays as well 😕

    1. I haven't bought from TKB for ages, but to hear their minimum shipping cost is now $25, OUCH! Other good places to buy are glitter unique and solar colour dust, I have bought from both, but not for a while, so can't comment on their shipping prices.


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