Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Hits Holographics - Zeus

"And the hits just keep on coming" Who can tell me what movie that line is from?  Its a great movie with lots of great lines!  

Anyway, true to that quote, here is another Hits holographic polish from Brazil.  Today it's bound to be one of the most popular polishes from the collection, Zeus.  The father of the Greek gods.  If any of these polishes was to be named Zeus, I'm so glad it is this one.

Zeus is a charcoal grey holographic.  Make no mistake, this is not a black holo. It is most certainly grey. In fact I'm quite surprised how similar this is to my Unobtainium spranken I made.

The formula was again perfect.  I did three coats here, except on my index finger which I think I only did two.  I must have accidentally missed the index when I was going back for the third coat.  Indoors where I painted my nails it didn't look like it needed that third coat, but in the sun it does.

I feel like I've done a bazillion black holo comparisons on my blog, yet here is another one.  First is a comparision in the shade.  The photo is labeled so you can see what is what, but for the search engines, this is Glitter Gal black on the index, Hits Zeus on the middle, Ozotic 526 on the ring and one of the first sprankens I made using my original baggie of 1500-20 medium grade spectraflair mixed with Ulta3 black satin, on the pinky.

In one of my earlier black holo comparisons, I noted how grey my spranken was in comparison to the other black holos.  But compared to Hits Zeus, that spranken is a darker grey.

So, just because it isn't a black holo, doesn't make it any less of an awesome polish.  In fact, for me, because it's not a black holo, I think it is even more awesome.

I'm still waiting for one of these Hits holos to not be so freaking awesome, cause I'm ready to stop blowing sunshine up the butt of these polishes.  But so far, nope, they are all true gods of the polish world!


  1. Holy father of Zeus......grey gorgeousness!!!

  2. I can never tire of looking at holos!

  3. Soooooo pretty! Like a rainbow at night! <3

  4. Zeus is really gorgeous.One of my favorites.I can tell 2 that it's not so gorgeous than the others. Afrodite and hermes.Hefesto, the top coat is so beautifull and shiny, but the silver one,artemis isn't so shine either...

  5. Zeus is my favourite so far, and Apolo, but they are all crazy-pretty! I am so in love with them all! A wonderful collection!

  6. Show!!! Very cute. =D
    you can send me the recipe that's the dust?

  7. Gorgeous one!
    Ozotic is more black! I prefer it!

  8. Urgh these holos are perfect!!!!



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