Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Blue holo comparisons - Milani 3D vs Ozotics

It was a public holiday here yesterday and it was sunny, so I was able to do some comparison swatches that I have been wanting to do for ages.

Today's comparison is with blue large particle scattered holographic polishes.  I have three of these, Milani 3D Cyberspace, Ozotic 603 and Ozotic 617.  I'm bummed that I don't have the blue polish from the CG Kaleidoscope collection (I only have six of the 12 polishes from that collection) as I would have loved to have seen how it compared to the Milani and the Ozotics.

Both the Ozotic fingers in the middle have two coats, and as noted on the images, I did one coat of the Milani on the pinky and two coats on the index.  I was amazed how similar one coat looked to 603, then how similar two coats was with 617!

I think there is a slightly more linear appearance to the rainbow in 603, but really the difference between these polishes is marginal.

The best thing is that the Milani 3D polishes are still really easy to get and still cheap.  Although they are not your amazing linear holos like the OMG collection, Nfu Oh or Gosh Holographic, I think they are totally under rated and anyone that is looking for a cheap holo polish should give these a go.


  1. Great comparisons, I really like the Milani holos

  2. I'm glade to own Cyberspace: I have 2 polishes paying just 1 in this way! ;D

  3. I love Milani and agree with you-- their polishes are really under rated! I get mine from cherryculture.com since I can't find Milani in stores here in Canada.

  4. I've been thinking of getting the Milani 3D polishes since they are really the only thing available to me. I wonder what would happen with a pinch of SpectraFlair in them. Maybe they would rival the Kaleidoscopes.

  5. I have to agree with you 100% that they are underrated! I love the Milani holos!


  6. Both are awesome!!
    Not the same effect!

  7. I own all Milani 3Ds and I put some of my SpectraFlair in them. It made the silver one super holo. I already thought the yellow one wasn't yellow enough for me and just a little flair made it too light for my liking.

  8. I love the Milani 3Ds! Cyberspace is actually my favorite one - it's so super pretty and the holo effect is really great. I was surprised at just how close it is to China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out (1 of 3 Kaleidoscopes I'm lucky enough to own). KHO is still more holo but they are pretty close. Considering how easy the 3Ds are to get and the price, I say stock up! :D This is a great comparison - they are so close. I too think the 3Ds are underrated. They're really fantastic!

  9. Thanks idrinknailpolish, I was about to ask how it f
    Compares. I also have kaleidoscope Him Out and wondered if I should even get cyberspace. Although cyberspace is affordable for those that want this color.


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