Thursday, October 6, 2011

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One extreme to the other

This week at work, I went from one extreme to the other with my nails.  

On Monday and Tuesday I wore Gosh Holographic in all it's amazing silver holographic shiny awesomeness.  Luckily I work in an office where I can get away with 'out-there' looking nails, cause this is so *not* a work appropriate nail polish.  However, it was the perfect polish to be wearing when I told the woman at work about my nail blog!  It made her instantly look at my nails, and what better polish to be wearing than this!!

I got three good day's out of Gosh Holo! I used Orly bonder as the base coat, as I had heard it was just a good as Aqua Base.  Two coats of Gosh Holo, no top coat.  I did have some flakey bits wearing off on the corners of my nails, but it was still ok.

Wednesday night I switched polish, and I really went to the other extreme.  I tried a mattified mannequin mani.  Apologies for these less that stellar pictures of it.  It was taken in the drizzly morning light before heading to work early this morning.

This was OPI Samoan Sands and Essie Matte About You.  I totally love it.  It's so quite and neutral and so unlike my usual manis.  It makes my fingers look strangely long and alien like.  It's very cool.


  1. Both perfect & impressive manis, sometimes wish I had an office job to wear my pretties

  2. Both impresive! Perfect! I like it

  3. So amazing!!
    And I also love matte polishes!

  4. I am not digging the mannequin hands-but oh how I love holos!

  5. Gosh is amazing! And OPI is a pretty color!

  6. Love both! I'm trying to get the Gosh polish now that they sell them in select stores in New York City :)

  7. I really love first one - holographic Gosh! ;D Gorgeous!

  8. hi! I'm following you!
    I am Brazilian girl and I loved your blog!
    holo Gosh this is perfect!
    I have the Nfu-oh 61, 64 and 65 but I have more happy for this, haha
    I'm sorry English taken from google translator!

  9. Mannequin is right! wow, but I like it. I don't know if I could leave it plain, though! And the Gosh polish rocks!

  10. I m in love with ur holos!!! soooo want one!!

  11. very cool! jealous of your GOSH holo! I want a linear holo so bad!


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