Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Kleancolor stamping and awesome Nail Mail!

Ah, Kleancolor metallics, is there anything you can't do?  I seriously can't tell you how in love with the Kleancolor metallics I am.  Why did it ever take me so long to try them, and why did I not see anyone else raving about them on their blogs?

I've frankened with these babies, they're amazing one coaters in their own right, and now, look how well they stamp.  I've gotta say they do bleed a little when you apply top coat, so that the edges of the stamping go a little fuzzy and out of focus, but when I think about the stamping possibilities with all the Kleancolor metallic colours, I simply don't care.

My base colour here is Orly FX Shine, stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-221 in Kleancolor Metallic Purple.

And now I'm sure you've noticed that I also added a coat of my Spectraflair topcoat.

Now I have made that SV spectraflair top coat, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to stop myself applying it to every single non holo mani I'm wearing.  I mean, come on, if you can holo up every mani, then why wouldn't you right?!?

And now for my nail mail all the way from Brazil.  I did my first ever swap with Tata Nada Ver.  I've always been too worried I'd get busted with the whole dangerous goods in the post business, but when she contacted me to do a swap for the Holográficos Hits no Olimpo, I sucked it up and lied my ass off on the customs declaration!  And yay that we have easy access to Ozotics to swap for too (especially as Picture Polish don't post to Brazil at the moment).  So here they are on our garden wall this arvo!

Left to right: Zeus - black, Hefesto - top coat, Artemise - silver, Hermes - gold, Poseidon - light blue, Apolo - dark blue, Hera - aqua blue, Dionísio - purple, Héstia - pink mauve, Atenas - magenta, Ares - red, Afrodite - pink, Deméter - orange.

Oh yeah baby!!  Any requests for which one first?


  1. Look soo brilliant!! cant wait to see u swatch! I ordered a few kleancolors after I saw that they stamped well, but yeah nobody has screamed that out loud!!!

  2. With so many holos..If you ever feel like giving some up..please note I am standing in line!!


  4. That stamping looks fantastic, those Kleancolor metallics are nice

    *gasp* what a haul!!!! Love swapping

    I would love it if you could show the orange one first

  5. those holo's... are so beautiful *DROOL* O.O

  6. My eyes just popped out of my head looking at that holo collection!

  7. That's holos are amaizing! *-*, i can't wait to whatch them in action :)

  8. oooooh yummy!
    I'd love to see Artemise and Poseidon in action please

  9. WOW!!!
    My jaw fell down.
    It's still down. =))
    What great holo polishes!!!

  10. Hello i am Brazilian and i love that collection.


    they are JUST AWESOME...and HEFESTO can transform ANY collor in a HOLO beauty.

    kisses from Brazil

  11. My eyes just fell out and are rolling on the floor.

    I'm not picky. Just start swatching, girl. :D

    Now, why can't they make polishes like that, here? Jeeze!

  12. OMG-my jaw dropped as well! You are so lucky! These look amazing!! Can't wait to see your swatches! Any of the blues, greens, black one!

  13. I was glad you enjoyed the exchange.


  14. WOw! Gorgeous holos!!! Try any of them!

  15. Hello! I'm brazilian as well, and i read your blog for quite a while... (jealows about your frankens!)
    This collection is gorgeus and very good in quality, hope you enjoy!
    Kisses from São Paulo!

  16. Yeap!! Those are the ones I told you about, remember?
    Hits Specialitá just rocked the heck out of my nail polish world with that one!
    For those who are dying to get these try the Bela Glamour site. They do ship abroad if you ask nicely. ahahahah.... shipping price is a bit steep, but well...

  17. Great mani and I'm so jealous!!

  18. How about all-in-one-post? Can't wait!

  19. Can I come play nail polish at your house?!
    Do skittles, just to get the drool flowing. Then, sloooowly keep them coming until we're all driven completely mad and committed by our significant others.
    Everyone in the States can get them from llarowe.com and she is supposed to get other Hits collections......just in time for Christmas.
    I don't know if I will survive this onslaught of foreign polish lines. Just give me a heparin lock and a drip bag of them!

  20. WOW!
    First, I love your manicure :-)
    Second, what a holo collection! Lucky you! I'd love to see one of the reds first but I'm looking forward to seeing the whole collection

  21. *Jaw drops* Oh my goddddddddddddd! I can't choose which one I'd like to see first!! The black, no, the orange, no the light pink. The darkest blue! *brain explodes from the awesomeness*

  22. Dionisio, please. The grape purple. There is now a US retailer of these polishes now - Llarowe, who is also retailing Glitter Gal and a-england here in the US. I ordered mine, but I guess because of the strike in Brazil post, there will be a delay in delivery. The bottles however are awfully small, and retail US $10.00 for 6 mL.


    And love your stamping :) I never have any luck getting that design to look any good - I'll have to try again with it soon.

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  25. I Love your blog ! I'm a new follower and unfortunately i live in New Zealand and I'm finding it hard to get a lot of polish sent here, you might have the same problem being in Oz. I was just wondering whats this Spectraflair topcoat you were talking about and any ideas on how I could get some?

  26. @ Rose. I was just reading back through here and noticed your question to Kitties and since she's told us how incredibly busy she is with her work and family I thought perhaps she hasn't had time to go back to earlier posts.
    If you look to the top of her blog on the left hand side where it says about getting the Spectraflair. I hope that helps answer your question. We are all having so much fun with the powder creating our own top coats and frankens.

  27. OooOOOOoo I was wondering what colours to use for that stamp and I think you just showed me a beautiful example! I actually have that KleanColor too so I can do it, woot!

  28. @Catkin thank you! much appreciated :)


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