Friday, October 21, 2011

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Ozotic multichrome dry marble

Here are two quick photos I took of my mani that I wore earlier this week.  I put it on on Sunday night and didn't get to photograph it until Tuesday morning before work.  And then, I took only TWO photos.  Why I ask?  Why did I only take two photos? I'm sure I wasn't running that late to work that I couldn't stand there for another minute to capture a few other angles.  Oh well.  Two photos it is. 

I did this as a dry water marble just like I have done my other ones.  My black and gold one and the first ones with the step by step guide.  I find it much easier to do a dry water marble than a regular one. This one wasn't great, it was a little rushed, but the effect was still pretty.

I used my set of Ozotic multichromes; 502, 503, 504, 506 & 507, marbled over black.  The worst thing about only having taken two photos is I didn't even get the best fingers.  My right thumb and index were so good! DOH!

This shot in the sun is lowsey, but I either include it, or only show one picture.

The only real weird thing with this water marble using multichromes is that I wasn't able to see much of the colour shift of any of the polishes anymore.

Now before you go off and say what a great idea this was, know that I saw it first using Ludurana multichromes over on Esmaltes da Kelly. Her's is AMAZING.  I will try this again cause I really want mine to look like hers!


  1. Wow! I'm loving all the colors together! It's out of this world! :) Greatly done!

  2. I love the effect! Just like an oil slick.

  3. Holy crap. It looks like a death metal band ate too many skittles and threw up awesome on your nails.

  4. This is seriously lovely, I was going to attempt some marbling this weekend, this colours look amazing!

    Proper laughing at Katherine Tealeaf's comment!!!!

  5. I'm also laughing at that comment very call mani. Anyone checked out the new Ozotics? They're called mishmash from what the blurb says about them they sound like the spranken that was done with Ozotics 505 and sprectraflair. Be interesting to see some swatches to see how they compare.

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  7. Oi Cathy !!
    Acompanho seu blog e adoro seus Frankens , adorei ver que vc gostou da idéia da Marble com os multichromes .
    realmente fica muito lindo o efeito.
    Eu que sempre me inspiro nas suas idéias hoje tive a experiencia contrária =)
    Posso dar uma dica???
    Misture menos os esmaltes pra ter o efeito mais de mancha de óleo mesmo .
    Mil beijos

  8. OMG this is so cool!!
    I love it so much!

  9. Wow this is beautiful! You now made me want to try a dry water marble!

  10. My friend and talentous Kelly! She have created pretty nails, like these! She told that is necessary used less polish to the marble improve!
    I showed it to her and she was very happy. XoXo

  11. I'm lost for words. Wow kind of says it all.

  12. Hi , the marble was beautiful, and my friend Kelly has wonderful ideas and beautiful nails, I am happy to mention it here.


    Kerlly Costa

  13. I read the kelly's blog every day and i love it! I saw it on her blog and i really really wanna try it.But your mani is beautifull too!

    kisses!(or beijos!hahahaha!)


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