Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Hits Holographic - Deméter

Rightyo.  Kristy got in first and asked to see the Orange one!  I really wanted to swatch them all at once, but at only 6ml per bottle I decided that I was going to wear each colour for at least a whole day.  I couldn't bear to put one of these one just to take it off after a photo session.

The truth is, this is probably the one polish from the whole collection I wasn't too sure about.  It certainly is a unique colour in my holo collection, and that's really saying something, as I have a pretty extensive holographic polish collection.
Deméter is an orange coral colour with a holographic finish that is very similar to Ozotic polishes, or 1500-35 grade spectraflair franken polishes.

The Hits polishes have large wide brushes like the OPI pro wide, which I love.  The formula on this was fantastic, no dragging or bald spots like with Nfu Oh or Gosh Holo.  I wore this mani with no base coat or top coat and at the end of a full 24 hours it still looks perfect.  It was super shiny to the finish and dried in about the usual time.  Given I didn't use SV top coat I thought I might get some dents, but I didn't.  This was three coats.

Very good first impression from this brand and of my first Brazillian polish. Brazillian ladies, I might be looking to do more swaps to get some more of your beautiful polishes!


  1. Awesome review & fantastic pictures as usual.....looks like a really nice polish

  2. such a sweet color! cant wait to see more

  3. Beautiful colour! Can't wait to see the rest of the collection.

  4. i have all polishes and it is really great!It's my favorite brazilian holo collection!

  5. I don't like orange but like this I do!!

  6. This is gorgeous! Im hoping to get some of these when by brother in law goes to brazil with his family. Fingers crossed :-)

  7. How nice to see hits here?! im from Brasil, and the one that i loved the most in this collex is hera!!!!
    If you wanna swap let me know:)
    sam.urbach at gmail dot com.


  8. oh my gosh I was iffy about buying this collection online and when I saw that you bought it I was so excited.. can't wait to see the rest of the collection..hehe i think i'll end up buying most of the collection tho ;)

  9. It's very pretty in your nails Cathy!
    I loved it! I love orange holo! =D
    Have a good Day!!!


  10. I use it today for the first still so sheer after 3 coats...I did something wrong??? I use primetime from orly, seche retain for strong nails, then CG base coat...the 3 coats and is sheer...:(


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