Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Hits Holographics - Hermes

I am waiting on so many things to arrive in the post it's not funny.  And I've been waiting for several weeks for some of them.  I just received my TKB order yesterday that was shipped three weeks ago.  I can't believe how slow international post is at the moment.  I guess it's because so many people are shopping online now and the mail services haven't work out yet how to manage the increased load.  Are you waiting for any international goodies in the post?

But I did get one awesome package in the mail today.  It's from an Aussie beauty supply company where I was able to purchase suspension base, or what they called untinted thickened lacquer base.  I got a whole litre of it!  I also got various 125ml bottles of tinted bases to do a whole lot of mixing and a whole stack of awesome looking glitters and pigments.  There is so much stuff I just don't know where to start frankening. I will do a post about what I got soon, but I was so excited to get suspension base from Australia I just had to share.

On to today's swatch.  Hermes. I just Googled Hermes to find out about him and Wikipedia tells me he is the messenger from the Gods to the Humans (as well as being the patron to many other things).  I think that is pretty funny that I was just rabbiting on about waiting to get my mail (or messages) from overseas, and now here I post about the messenger of the Gods (maybe all my packages will arrive tomorrow).

Sorry, I was rambling again. Where was I? Hermes, right.  I thought this one looked great in the bottle because it was such a 'me' colour - ie gold.  The weird thing about it though, is that it is also slightly frosty.

This was three coats, plus SV top coat.  It's a pale champagne platinum gold., with a metallic, slightly frosty finish.

But it only looked frosty at some angles, at other angles it just looked metallic and holo.  So far this is the most metallic looking of all the Hits Holographics.

So how does this compare to other goldish holos in my collection?  Here is a comparison with China Glaze FYI, Hits Hermes, OPI Opening Night Gold and Ozotic 514.  And when I say Ozotic 514, I mean Chemistry or Artform 514, cause I've not seen an Ozotic version. Sorry!

Same lineup in the sun.

Colour wise, it is closest to 514, but with a much more metallic finish.  Opening night gold is too brown in comparison, and FYI too tan.

Because of the slight frostiness, this one is a little harder to apply, as you'll want to make sure your lines are straight.  Other than that, I still love it.  But I love gold polishes, they make up the biggest percentage of my stash, so I'm most definitely have bias!


  1. Very nice

    Post around here has been super slow too

  2. gorgeous color! Sorry to hear about your slow post, sucks to wait so long.

  3. Gorgeous polish! Loving it!

    I hate slow post - it's shockingly slow at the moment :( Bah!

    Let us know how you go with the suspension base! Been hanging out for an Aussie version :)

  4. Thank you so much for this comp! It's great to see all these side by side.

  5. Gorgeous!
    amazing how they're all different!

  6. I like this one, thank you for the comps.

  7. Don't even get me started on international orders not arriving! I'm pulling my hair out DAILY!
    By the way, I never did get a chance to thank you for putting my franken here up for "inspection"! LOL
    Loved it!
    And my blog is called Esmalterapia. I didn't mention it 'cause it was all over my pics. ahahaha... sorry 'bout that!
    Thanks again, and I don't even need to tell you HOW MUCH I'm dying to see your new frankens, right?


  8. I loved the mix frosty+holo+metallic and the champagne cute!

  9. Ooooh a suspension base?! Do you mind sharing the link?!

    I'm waiting on SO MUCH at the moment.. post is being excruciatingly slow. Even from Adelaide, which only usually takes two days to get to where I am, it's taking 3-4. It's just painful :( I was meant to receive some polishes my brother got me in Japan that Mum sent from Adelaide on Wednesday and I didn't get them today :(

  10. what is the name of the beauty supply site you were able to purchase suspension base from? I'd love to get my hands on some!


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