Friday, October 7, 2011

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Milani 3D Hi-Res vs Ozotic 606 & 608

Another comparison swatch today to show you how freaking great the Milani 3D Holographic polishes are.  I tried to stick to comparing similar finishes here, that is larger particle scattered holos.  If I had China Glaze Octa-Gone Wild from the Kaleidoscope collection, that would have been the fourth perfect inclusion in this comparisons, but sadly I don't, so I put OPI DS Original.

It's also interesting to see how Ozotic 606 and 608 compare in the same swatch.  Although this may be a different version of 608 than others have?!?

I love the richness of the purple colour in the Milani Holo, the colour is so similar to DS Original, even though the finish on those two are totally different.  

We have another long weekend here in Canberra this weekend. Whoo Hoo, two in a row! But of course it's set to piss with rain all weekend!  So no nail swatching for me :(


  1. I love purple & loving your comparison posts too

  2. Thanks for posting all these Milani comparisons!:)

  3. Great comparison, I hope you get at least a couple of hours of sun =)

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  5. I love these polishes, I'm wearing the green one right now. I plan on getting the rest of the colors.

    I was hoping if you had the time if you would take a look at my new blog and maybe give me some feedback. Let Me See Ur Peacock Thanks so much :) Have a great weekend

  6. Soooooooooo pretty! Purple holos! <3 <3 <3


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