Monday, October 17, 2011

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Hits Holographic - Dionisio

Ladies, if you love your purple polishes, this one is going to go straight to the top of your wish list. Holy Guacamole this is one freaking beautiful polish.  I don't want to hype this one up too much, cause there is nothing worse on a nail blogger going on about every polish being amazing, but seriously guys, this one is amazing.

Dionisio, the Greek God of Wine, and my nails look like the juicy purple grapes just ripe for the picking!  This polish was again perfect in application and formula.  I did three coats just to ensure there were no transparent bits for the photo, but two coats would have been enough. 

Check this baby out up close.

So of course you are now wondering how it compares to Ozotic 513 (which is the same as Glitter Gal Dark Purple)?  Well I actually have the comparison swatch done already.  

As you can see, Dionisio is a much bluer purple and Ozotic 513 really looks rather pink in comparision.

In the shade below.

Dionisio is such a beautiful purple.  I much prefer it over Ozotic 513, maybe because I prefer cooler tones and therefore like the blue purple more than the pink purple.

Such a beautiful polish, but damn - only 6ml!!  If I don't get a backup of this I will have to spranken a dupe!


  1. WOW, love it! Glad you did the comparison with the Ozotic......maybe I will need another purple holo

  2. Holy Wowsers Batman!! That's fantastic

  3. Gorgeous!!
    And they are really different!!

  4. Omg, omg, omg! Yup, straight to the top of my wishlist. Love the name and the story behind it too!

  5. Totally freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  6. i'm wearing it today! It's really really beautifull!

  7. Yay-I am getting this one too! So awesome!!

  8. Wow! Sweet, I'm so glad more companies are on board with the holo =D

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  10. All the HITS are perfect on you!
    I loved it ... wonderful!!!
    Great week!!!

  11. OMG these Hits polishes are creating all kinds of lemmings for me, lol! XD This one is GORGEOUS!!! :D

  12. Ok where can we International ladies get these polishes, they are fantastic! And I have another question is Ozotics 513 a dupe for Glitter Gals Dark Purple? Because in pictures they look different and as the GG polish was going to be my next buy at Llarowe along with a few others I would like to know, so if anyone knows the answer help!

  13. PolishQueen - Check our Shatter me Claire's blog, she did a comparision between GG Dark purple and Ozotic 513: Her verdict = dupes!

    And you can get the Hits from Llarowe too!

  14. Thanks that's very helpful, guess I'll be spending my polish bucks on a different polish then the GG Dark Purple as I have Ozotics 513, very glad to know they are dupes helps kill a lemming I've had for a while. And these are the polishes llarowe said she was getting? Good to have swatches to go with a name thanks so much Cathy this was alot of help.


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