Friday, February 8, 2013

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Canberra Cavalry - ABL Championship Series

A scheduled post tonight folks and here are the nails I'm wearing right now!  Any guesses where I am.

The kids, my mum and I are all off the see Mr More Nail Polish play for the Canberra Cavalry tonight in game one of the Australian Baseball League Championship Series against the Perth Heat. It's going to be a pretty huge night both tonight and tomorrow.  The game is a sell out, they've lit up the Telstra Tower orange to show support and I'm sporting my most lavish and crazy Canberra Cavalry baseball nails ever!

This is the first time our baseball team finished on top of the ladder, meaning they went straight into the grand final.  The Australian Baseball League Championship Series is like Australia's equivalent to the US World Series, except we only have one league and there are only six teams from all round the country.  So while a world series it ain't, it's still pretty cool for us Aussies who don't really have too much of a baseball following here.

For all you baseball fans out there - would you like to watch the game?  Well you can.  It's on live tonight (right now in fact -7pm start) on Fox Sports 2.  Game two is on tomorrow night live - I believe it's the red button option.  It's also being broadcast of MLB Network at 13:00 EST Friday, 8 Feb (and 15:00 EST Saturday, 9 Feb)

I'll wave to the TV camera's - I'll be the one with the fancy nails!



  1. I love this! I really want to try that honeycomb hex glitter thing. Where do you get such tiny water decals? I will confess I don't keep up with baseball at all, but I understand team spirit manicures. I like to do mine up for the football games. :)

    1. I print my own water decals on water slide paper I buy off ebay. Or I use temporary tattoo paper if I want to do a whole nail. That way I can print whatever design I want in any size.

  2. This looks nice! I love the hex glitter!

  3. Awesome manicure and I see they won the first game!! Winner nails for sure!

  4. Haha SO awesome! I have my little one in hockey & soccer this year, and I can't wait for some team inspired manis! :) GL to your husband!!!!!!!


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