Monday, February 11, 2013

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Picture Polish - Nude and Glitter Ball

I have two more Picture Polish shades to add to my colour guide tonight.  The first is simply called nude and it's a sweet soft pale cream creme.  For such a pale shade the formula was fantastic.  I applied three thin coats, but could have got away with two had I not been taking close up photos in the direct sun.  Finished with Seche Vite.

The second polish is call glitter ball.  It is a sparse glitter layering polish that has two sizes of holo silver hexes in it.  Here it is at one coat over nude.

From the moment I put glitter ball on my nails I knew what it would be perfect for.  Galaxy nails!!  The glitter size and payoff is just perfect for galaxy nails where you don't want too much glitter and having two sizes like this is perfect.  The only other time I've done galaxy nails was part of my apocalypse mani late last year. For that mani I had to use a franken polish for the small glitter and manually placed the larger glitter.  I wish I has this polish back then!

Picture Polish Glitter ball = galaxy nails in a bottle.  If you've never done galaxy nails before, they are really, really easy to do.  Start with a black base, then just dab on with a sponge some dark pinks, purples and blues in random places around your nails.  Then just finish with a glitter topper like glitter ball and it's all done.

Picture Polishes are available from Picture Polish or via one of their 14 network members around the globe.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. OOOOOOH!!!! LOVE the galaxy nails!! LOVVVVVVVVEEEEE!!!! I must get onto trying that myself :)

  2. Wow - Galaxy nails = Awesome!!

  3. Oh dear it does look like galaxy nails! Love it

  4. Your galaxy nails are gorgeous!

  5. The galaxy nails are wicked, gorgeous!

  6. I never comment here (even though I do read all of your posts!) but I just HAD to do it!!! Your galaxy nails look incredible! But how can you say it's easy?! haha I need to try!

  7. WOW gorgeous! Love the galaxy nails!

  8. These galaxy nails are awesome! Not overdone like most! As usual, you rock!

    PS- I also like the non close up nail shots you have been doing. Gives a different perspective, especially for swatches. It is like the nails that other people will see, not the close version close up that I would see (meaning my staring at my nails all day) :)

  9. Newbie to you blog found it while searching around for picture polish swatches !! I must say you have amazing swatches! ...

    Can't wait to get my hands on some picture polish!


  10. Nude nails never goes out of style!


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