Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Crowstoes - ValenCrows Collection

Today I have the four polishes from the Crowstoes ValenCrows Collection to share with you.

Heartless - A mix of holographic and deep berry micro glitters. Impossible for me to photograph to show the amazing holo sparkles.  I absolutely love polishes with holo micro glitters like these, particulary with strong rich colours.  This is like the raspberry pink version of Smitten polish I want it now or Pure imagination.  I layered two thin coats of Heartless over Picture Polish Flirt, but as you can see in the macro shot, at two coats it provided complete coverage.  Gorgeous, but does require a few layers of top coat to be glassy smooth.

Love Stinks - yeah yeah. Wow, this is a super gorgeous pink made for blue lovers, and whats more is that the blue glass flecks shift colour to a red-based pink.  The mix of the blue flecks with the pink can sometimes make this look purple too. Formula was beautiful. This is two easy coats with Seche Vite top coat.

Um no.. he went to the Pawn Shop.  I really like the thought behind the name and the colour combinations in this polish.  The polish contains copper, gold, aqua and color shifting iridescent glitters in a clear base. The colour mix is perfect for that copper turned blue/green oxidation colour, which is what the polish name is in reference to.  That is, he went to the Pawn Shop and the lovely ring he bought is really copper, not gold, and it creates that horrible blue/green mark on your skin.  

The funny thing is, while it's pretty horrible with jewellery, it's absolutely stunning as nail polish!  Probably no surprises that this gold toned polish is my favourite of the bunch.  It really looked beautiful the day I wore it.

I layered two thin coats over OPI Don't Pretzel my buttons, plus Seche Vite top coat.

Heart shaped box of horse *!@#! - A mix of brown and copper glitters dusted with teeny red sparks in a clear base.  This polish is completely delicious.  It really reminds me of those chocolates with the liqueur cherries in them. Arrrggggghhh *wipes drool from mouth*.

I layered one dabbed coat over Picture Polish Demeter.  A perfect chocolate brown combination.

I love this anti-Valentines collection.  I especially love that it's not all pinks and reds and there isn't a heart shaped glitter in sight! Instead it's a completely unique mix of polishes with a clever thought process behind it!

The ValenCrows Collection are available in the USA from Llarowe.  They are also now available in Australia from Femme Fatale Cosmetics - which is fantastic news for Aussies who can save on postage now that the USPS has jacked up their prices.  Other Crowstoes shades are also available from Shoppe Electicco in Singapore.

Polishes provided for review.


  1. Heartless is absolutely gorgeous! Want :D

  2. Um no.. he went to the Pawn Shop. I'M IN LOVE! What a brilliant glitter!:D

  3. Oh, I love "Um no.. he went to the Pawn Shop"! <3
    But it's not available any more?! :( :( What a shame... or do you know any other shop maybe? (which ships to Europe :D)

    1. I was so blind... I found it and ordered it (along with another polish. Can't wait!)

  4. I love, love Heart shaped box of horse *!@#! the most

  5. These are all lovely - but especially Heart Shaped Box of Horse *!@#! Are the darker brown squares really matte glitter?

  6. I picked up Heartless but now I'm wishing I had gotten Pawn Shop instead. I might have to get it soon!

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  8. These are awesome! I love glitter polishes and have never seen such...glittery ones! :D
    Can't get them in Germany :( our's are quite boring compared to those.

    Lovely Greetings, Karo

  9. everything about the pawn shop polish is amazing!!

  10. These are pretty and the names are hilarious!


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