Friday, February 1, 2013

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OPI - Oz the Great and Powerful

Today I have two shades from the upcoming OPI - Oz the Great and Powerful collection. 

Glints of Glinda - A sheer nude crelly.  It's not totally transparent like a true jelly and it's certainly not opaque like a creme.  This created such a simple and pretty palette cleanser look on my nails and it was an excellent match for my skin tone.  I'm wearing three coats here with Seche Vite top coat.  This is very sheer, but not as sheer as the OPI Ballet polishes.  However, it still has that awesome sheer appearance without showing any streaking.  At one coat this would make a beautiful french nude polish.  I really love this polish and it will compliment the only OPI Ballet polish I have (Don't touch my tutu).

When Monkeys Fly - is a glitter topper. It contains two sizes of silver holographic glitter and very clearly, large gold hexes.  The colour of the gold hexes is just divine, they are a true soft gold, not yellow glitters.  The glitter payoff is also quite good, this was one dabbed coat and I got plenty of glitter on my nail.  The formula was thick, but that is to be expected with a polish with large glitters like this.

Now, shall we address the elephant in the room.  Yep, I know you all see them, those taco glitters.  The honest truth is this is that this polish contains the most curled glitter out of every polish in my collection.  These sadly are not just reflective curls, they do stick up quite a lot.  I actually really tried to make a big effort to get most of the glitters to curl downwards onto my nail so I could avoid the sharp bits sitting up, in the end I think only two glitters were facing upwards.  If you can get the glitters facing down then the sharp bits wont bother you as much and you can smooth it out with top coat a lot easier.

I really do love the concept of this polish with the combo of the large gold hexes and smaller silver holo. It would be completely amazing if those glitters were not curling and sticking up.

Here is When Monkeys Fly layered over black.  One dabbed coat with Seche Vite topcoat.

I have seen swatches of the other glitter polishes in this collection (Which is which? and Lights of Emerald City) and they both look fantastic.  Lights of Emerald City with it's large square glitters looks particularly cool, and it doesn't appear to have any curling glitters either.  

What do you guys think?  Can you imagine the wrath an indie brand would face if they had curling glitter in it like this?

OPI Oz the Great and Powerful will be available from mid February at selected salons, David Jones and Myer stores, RRP $19.95. For more information on stockists check

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  1. I can't believe that taco glitter! From OPI too, that's so terrible. You'd think they'd test it out first? I would have otherwise loved that polish!

  2. Glinda looks great on you! I cannot believe the taco glitter, definately will not be buying it. Such a shame!

  3. Whilst I think this OPI collection is another one I'm going to adore I just cannot live with taco glitter it would drive me insane. It adds another dimension to the randomness of glitter! And I've only just stepped on the accent nail bandwagon lol

  4. Thank you for reviewing these so thoroughly and honestly!

  5. That glitter really makes a manicure!

  6. Oh no that glitter i want i want lol

  7. Thank you so much for your honest review. I'm very surprised that OPI allowed this polish to be released with curling glitter. I wonder what they'll do (if anything) once people start complaining.

    Such a shame because it's actually quite pretty otherwise.

  8. I love the nude, but I will definitely skip the glitter. I'm excited for this collection, yay!

  9. I expect so much more out of a professional big name company like OPI. That's sad because it definitely has potential.

  10. A super original glitter

    I invite you to my blog :)

  11. Darn. I really liked the look of this glitter topper. Thanks for the sharing!

  12. Glints of Glinda is certainly a super nude look. I love the look of When Monkeys Fly over the top of it!
    As for the curling glitter. It's very easy to identify in the bottle when you are shopping in person, so the choice then becomes our own - to buy or not to buy. If you like the look enough and can work around the curl then go for it.
    I appreciate the honest review for all those who need to buy online rather than through a store.

  13. I love glitter polishes, im not sure i can handle the large glitter pieces bot sitting flat though. Thanks for the great review, very informative.

  14. I would love the glitter....just those taco's....can't live with them. Can't wait to see the square glitter one!

  15. I think OPI should have left the curling glitter out. They should have gone with some other hex glitter or round glitter. I like the rest of the polishes in this line though. I don't normally like sheer polishes....that is until I learned about sandwiches. Now I love them lol.


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