Monday, February 4, 2013

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CrowsToes - Some green & blue gorgeousness

Here are three polishes that green polish lovers (like me) are going to love.  Two of these polishes are from the Crowstoes 2012 Christmas collection and the other I think is from the 2012 Halloween collection.

Bah F@#$%*g Humbug - this polish was an exclusive polish available from Overall Beauty.  It's main glitters are green, blue and gold and this is just one single dabbed coat over Picture Polish Pshiiit, topped with Seche Vite.  LOVE IT.

Frogs Breath - this is one from the Halloween collection (I think) and it's predominant glitter colours are green, blue and gold as well, although clearly this polish has a much greener appearance.  I layered one dabbed coat of Frogs Breath over Picture Polish Kryptonite. LOVE IT - yeah I know I already said that once!

Jingle Balls - This polish was only available through Llarowe and it's like a Christmas tree in a bottle. Now just because it isn't Christmas for another 11 months, doesn't mean you can't rock a green polish with gold starts and little flashes of red - I know I did!.  This is one dabbed coat over Picture Polish Mallard, topped with Seche Vite.  You know what I'm going to say now, don't you?  LOVE IT!  Yep three from three.

The formula on all these was thick but workable,  I know I had issues with Wonder Woman way back when I wore it, but none of these more recent polishes were a dry as that one.  I dunno if Laurie tweaked her formula or not, but I think she has it nailed now!

One thing I have really come to love with Crowstoes polishes is that you can be guaranteed of the quality of the glitters.  Lauri must go to a lot of effort in selecting and testing her glitters, because not a single bottle that I have contains any curled glitter, either taco or reflective.  They are are so perfectly smooth.  In fact for such glitter bomb polishes these apply so incredibly smoothly.  They really only need a single layer of top coat to be smooth.


  1. Ooooo, that's really nice looking glitters! I especially enjoyed the christmas tree in a bottle, LOL!

  2. Omogosh! These are stunning! So loving Bah F@#$%*g Humbug and Frog's breath! Glitter-PERFECT! So much awesomeness!

  3. oh my...crazy glitters I love them aalllll!

  4. Oh wow, all of these are just so amazing.

  5. the first one is simply stunning :D

  6. What stunning polishes - Bah F@#$%*g Humbug is possibly my favorite but they are all lovely glitters,

  7. The blue/turquoise is my absolute favourite. The colours look so good in the glitter!


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