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JENsations - Swatches and review

I really enjoy being able to bring you swatches of new indie brands.  I can't say that JENsations is really new, although it is new to me.  I distinctly remember seeing swatches of JENsation polishes around the middle of last year, and I say 'distinctly' because Jens brand has something that I really remembered!

With so many indie brands out there now, having something that will make people remember your brand is a huge bonus.  I'm sure you can guess what it is that I remember...  Yep, those gorgeous little star shaped bottles.

Let's get straight to the three shades that Jen sent me.

Hearts on fire - a mix of multi-sized holographic red & holographic silver hexes, squares and hearts in a clear base.  I used one dabbed coat of Hearts on Fire and then added a few extra glitters if I felt there were any bare looking spots.  I did have to dig around to get the glitters out onto the brush to start with because they had settled just a little bit, but once I swirled the brush around inside the bottle, they were easy to get out.  

All the glitters lay beautifully smooth and flat and there was no sign of bleeding in the crystal clear base.  Hearts on Fire is shown here layered over Picture Polish Vampire, which is a gorgeous bloody jelly red.

Rainbow Sprinkles - too many different shapes, sizes and colours to describe individually, but as you can see this is a bright multi-coloured mix of glitters in a crystal clear base.  Again all glitters were smooth and flat on the nail.  Like Hearts on Fire, I did swirl the brush around to lift up some of the glitters that had settled slightly in the bottle, but application was quite easy.  This is two coats of Rainbow Sprinkles layered over black with Seche Vite on top.

Ups-A-Daisy - The epitome of spring in a bottle.  Such a cute little mix of pastel satin finish glitters in various sizes, including those large yellow and pink flower shaped glitters, all in a clear base.  I felt that white was a perfect base to show off all the pastel colours, but this would look gorgeous over any pastel creme shade.  Again everything was smooth and flat, and even those large flowers were easy to get out and didn't feel too big and flat on the nail - even on my very curved nails.

Overall I'm very impressed with these polishes, there are no tacos or bleeders and the glitter combinations are all pretty.  My favourite would be Ups-A-Daisy as I feel it is the most unique (certainly in my collection anyway), although I really loved the vampy red with the hearts too.

The little star shaped bottles contain 10ml of polish and they are available from the JENsations Esty store for $8USD. If you can't see a shade browsing the store, try the search - it works well.

These polishes were provided for review.


  1. Cute glitter! Ive got two of these star bottles. but in diffrent colours

  2. Amazing swatches as usual! I absolutely love those bottles!

  3. Wooooooow
    So amazing polishes:3

  4. Rainbow Sprinkles is my favorite! I wold love to see Ups-A-Daisy over black as well :). I must like darker backgrounds, I guess...

  5. Hearts on fire is amazing! It's so... powerfull!

  6. Love rainbow sprinkles reminds me of the circus

  7. I just love them...everytime I read a post on your blog I just fell in love with the nail polishes you talk about

  8. These are lovely, and the bottles are just too cute!

  9. I especially love the first glitter, and the bottles are super cute!


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